Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Avila at 3 months

Nairi is 5

 This little cutie and now officially 5. 5 is such a milestone. School ready. It means ready to step out from home life to the life of a school kid. Her biggest wish right now is to go to school with Keira and Israel. She is bored bored at home with me and 3 year old Samuel and baby Avila. We got notice ( on her birthday !) that she had won a spot in the lottery at Keira and Israel's charter school. Which means she will join them there in the fall. She is beyond excited.  To celebrate turning  5 she wanted a Strawberry shortcake cake and a party with her 2 favorite little friends Iliana and Eliza. She wanted to watch a movie and have their toe nails painted and have dino chicken nuggets and mac and cheese and cake. So thats what we did. Kalpakgian cousins and grandparents were on hand too.

At 5 Nairi is still a feisty one. She is very dramatic and very independent. She likes to argue and argues with Samuel about everything. She plays with Polly Pockets, Legos and her dollhouse and people for most of the day. She still enjoys puzzles and wanted some 200 piece ones for her birthday. Her other big gift was clothes. She wanted clothes for her birthday. Skirts and leggings and Pj's! So thats what she got. She is your typically girly girl that likes pink and purple and glitter and sparkle. She often wears jewelry and lots of hair accessories.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Babies first shoes

Wearing Nairi's old shoes

Easter 2016

Samuel was sick so we were not able to attend Mass or family events. It was not the best Easter for sure but we made do and had a special meal and egg hunt at home. Looking forward to the winter sicknesses ending!!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Samuel Fulton turns 3

 Samuel at birth
 2 days old
 1 year old ^ and below at 2 years old

 You were so very excited for your birthday and your birthday cake. We have been counting down the days since the beginning of Lent.  At 3 you are still a happy lovable guy. You love trucks and puzzles and your current obsession is sticker books. You are also a big fan of the sand box in the driveway. You sleep great at night and still take a nap that is  1-2hours. You are obsessed with your thumb and blanket still and since you are only allowed to have your blanket in bed you often sneak up to your bed and hang out with your blanket for a while. If I let you bring your blanket downstairs you just sit around and hug your blanket and suck your thumb. You hear your siblings constantly beg for "tv time" and you ask me when you do you get tv time? If I let you you would watch episode after episode of Mighty Machines which was also Israel's favorite show when he was 2 and 3 years old. You hang out with Israel a little too much so you have an extensive vocabulary of "potty talk" and you think its hilarious to use words like " Cut the cheese and toot and boogy head" For your birthday you wanted a chocolate digger cake with chocolate frosting. And for dinner you wanted spaghetti and meatballs. Speaking of food, your favorites are yogurt, eggs and sausage and "something from the pantry" which translates to toddler junk food like graham crackers and goldfish. You loathe chicken which is unfortunate since we eat it like 4 nights a week. You have been potty trained for a month now and you are doing great! Your nick name of Sam-ohh is still being used on a daily basis.

 Another one of daddies awesome cake creations. The "dirt" is chocolate teddy grahams

Monday, March 07, 2016

Samuel is potty trained

Back when we just had Keira and she potty trained we made her a cake to celebrate her ditching the diapers and becoming a big girl. Samuel has seen this photo in the photo album and told me multiple times that he wanted his own potty trained cake. We promised him one as soon as he was using the potty all the time and wearing undies and keeping them dry/ clean etc.  He finally did it. So thankful to have him out of diapers!!! It took lots of bribery, fruit snacks and trucks and one cake complete with a toilet ( borrowed from Nairi's doll house).

Avila Rose 2 months

 Very matching outfit picked out by Nairi :)

She is a pretty happy girl as long as she has someone talking to her or holding her. I'm waiting eagerly for some longer stretches of sleep at night though....

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The creation of the "Reading Room" with before and afters

  A little recap of what the room looked like when we moved in. This is the formal dining room. Beige carpet and walls. Wallpaper border and gold lighting fixtures.

 We transformed it into this 5 years ago. New flooring, paint, light fixture and picture frame molding

 And then as our family grew we needed a larger table/ ability to open the table more for family gatherings so we did a room switcharoo and switched the formal living and dining rooms as the formal living room was longer and would allow us to open the table more.
 And now its the reading room!!! Same room different paint and curtains and furniture.

I love it!!! Furnishings from the basement, Target, the internet, Craigslist and Christmas Tree shops.  And of course all the DIY credit goes to Mike, I just did the decorating. Its nice to have an adult  toy free space because our family room is the toy hub and is usually a cluttered mess.

7 week baby chub

We are so in love with this Chunky little girl.

Craft game closet before and after

 This closet is ALWAYS a mess because the kids are always in it to get crayons or scissors or coloring pages or games or stickers or on and on and on...
 Its also home to the vacuum and some coats and various other "junk"

 The before picture  empty

 And after!! Shelves on one side for puzzles and board games and craft stuff
 The area on the other side of the closet is for coats and the vacuum
We like puzzles and board games so believe it not this stuff gets used alot in the winter. Love having the shelves and a handy husband who can make it a reality. :)