Friday, August 26, 2016

Catholic Family Weekend

Kids enjoyed the annual catholic family weekend in the woods of NH.

First stitches......

 Nairi had a bike accident riding her brother's bike in flip flops. She wins the title of the first kid to be stitched up. Not bad for 10 years of parenting. She got 3 stitches in her thigh.

Last few days of summer

  The required for school check ups and eye exams
 puddle jumping
 dress up

 new haircuts


 crawling means new places to explore
 loving on the baby
 I opened the bathroom door one morning to this " She wants you" said Israel
 New stack of library books

 Homemade tomato basil pesto with tomatoes and basil from our front yard

Breakfast on the deck


 We are only an hour from Boston and its always a fun short day trip. So much to do there. We went down twice in July. Once with just Avila to meet a friend from IA who was visiting and once with all the kids and my niece Kateri. We checked off a bunch of things we had wanted to do but hadn't ever done. Boston Harbor island cruise, visit to the fort on George's island, Boston public garden swan boats, dinner at Cheers, Boston Common etc

 Riding the T with 5 kids!!! :)
 Frog Pond

Summer swim lessons

The older 4 all did 2 weeks of daily swim lessons. It was Samuel's first summer he could join in. They all did great.

Avila Rose 7 months

 She can crawl and pull up to standing. No teeth... takes a few pea sized bites off food of my plate, likes to watch her siblings and eat paper off the floor.  She is an absolute love with the best thighs in the family. We all love her so much.

 Curls fresh out of the tub and then 20 min later. Humidity!!!
 Her marshmallow arms as Israel calls them

 New skills