Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Saint Benedict Academy Christmas Pageant 2014

 Pre K kids were Little Drummer boys so here is Israel

 Second graders were shepherds ( Keira is in the white tunic with the blue head covering right in the middle)

Spectacular show as always. Funny, uplifting and fabulous singing and music. Such a great show.  We enjoy it every year.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Allegro xmas Party 2014

 The kids always have a great time at Mike's work xmas party. ( Samuel was home with me napping)

Thank you Carroll for the pictures!

Feast of St Nicholas

 St Nicholas brought chocolate and a small gift for each kiddo.
 Chocolate for breakfast!
Its all Star Wars all the time over here.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

The making of a subpar Christmas card

We tackled this project early in the morning. Right after breakfast. I promised chocolate to all who cooperated. There were tears and whines and grumbles and finally everyone was wrestled into fancy clothing. And then there was a dead camera battery. Awesome. You would have thought ultra organized me would have thought to charge the camera battery.  We had a back up plan. Mike used his phone camera and I used the Ipad. After 25 min we had not 1 good shot of all 4 kids. I tossed all the Samuel crying shots and the Israel punching Nairi shots. This is what was left.  
 This was the perhaps if I turn on the tv Samuel will stay still shot
 Keira with a lazy eye shot
 Keira has a open mouth  and Nairi has a weird hand shot
 Keira not looking at the camera shot
 The seating looks off shot
 Israel is blurry shot
 Still blurry in black and white ( as if that would magically fix it)
 Israel is blurry again

And the post photo shoot not posed  shot that we went with.
And now Blogger refuses to let me turn this picture so its not sideways or at least reload it. I leave you with that.

Boston Ballet date with Keira

 Every Christmas I take Keira to the local Nutcracker production. This year I really wanted to see for myself ( and bring her to see) the Boston Ballet version. We try to take the kids out 1/1 without their siblings a few times a year for various things because since they are always together its nice to enjoy them by themselves.  This was Keira's day. I am a pansy and driving into Boston scares me slightly but Mike loves the challenge. The 3 of us had a fabulous time at the Ballet ( AWESOME AWESOME PRODUCTION!) and wandering around Boston.  There is something about a big city and people everywhere and buildings super tall and squished together that gets me excited. I love spending time in Boston but we don't do it every often because well, kids. Its 10x more difficult with kids in tow.

 The Opera house was simply amazing. Stunning chandeliers and paint and gold everything. So pretty to look at.

 Pictures are terrible as our flash refused to work and it was fairly dark inside

 For $35 a ticket we even had great seats and could see really well!

 I have never been to Boston Common in the winter.

 There is ice skating on Frog pond (  our kids have played in the Frog Pond pool in the summer so it was cool to see people skating on it)

Nairi writes her name

Nairi is our fiercely independent I- can- do -everything- by- myself- kind- of- kid. She was the earliest walker, earliest potty trained, earliest to dress herself, earliest to be able to zip a jacket,  and to ride a bike without training wheels ( just shy of 3 1/2!) etc. The other day she said " Look Mom! I can write my name!" She had written an N and an A. So I showed her how to do an I and R and 2 seconds later she could write her name. She is 3 1/2!!!  She is very sharp. I think she might have Mike's smarts. :)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving snowstorm 2014

The day before Thanksgiving 2014. There was snow and snow and more snow. It finally stopped snowing around 4 or 5 am Thanksgiving day. Leaving us with over a foot of heavy wet snow.
 Star Wars break after playing in the snow
 Beautiful for sure but heavy stuff! My back is sore from shoveling so much. Tons of people without power. We thankfully only lost power for about an hour Thanksgiving day.

 Samuel was so excited to see the snow plow.