Friday, March 02, 2018

New house

Not the best pictures bc well winter and cold and iphone plus crappy photographer. Anyways this is house 3 and the next big project! This 1985 baby has nice bones and space but needs some love and tlc and major updating. More on that in another post. Before pictures to come. :) in the mean time we have moved in and settled in. The kids have switched schools and are doing really well.  We love having everything close by  in the small town ( believe it not we are actually closer to the grocery store and library and school than we were when we lived in the city) Everything is just a few miles away. Its very nice especially after spending 2 plus hours a day in school pick up and drop off. That is over #thankyouJesus

2018 update- New house and new baby

We have been MIA since Dec because well.. Sept we listed our house. November it sold. We closed after Christmas on Jan 19th.  We moved into a temporary rental house for 3 1/2 weeks and then moved into our new house Mid Feburary. It been a crazy few months with the 2 moves and in between it all we found out number 6 was on the way despite all our efforts to be " done". Ooops. Number 6 has been like all my other pregnacies to be summed up as awful awful so far. So much nausea and vomitting.  Pretty horrendous. I'm 14 weeks now and still not feeling great but definitely better than I was a month ago. We know the baby is a boy and we are working on names because we all know that takes us FOREVER. Can we take a min to to just laugh at the pattern we have going here with the babies sex? G,B,G,B,G,B is that not hilarious?

Christmas 2017- a few months late

Saturday, December 02, 2017

part 2

Fall photo dump part 1

Israel turns 8

Oct 10th this kid turned 8. He wanted to go go carting for his birthday and have pizza and cheesecake for dinner with pink lemon-aid.

Friday, September 15, 2017

completed house head to toe

So now that we have lived here for 6 years we have completed most of the projects we had on our list so its time to move on to the next project... just kidding... We have other reasons for moving ( mainly school district) but we are on the hunt for our next project.  :) in the meantime our current house in all its finished and decluttered glory  and in random mixed up order