Saturday, June 18, 2016

Project family room take 2 -before and after

The "Family Room".  The biggest room in the house at 484 sq. ft (22x22).  This is the room that sold us on this house.  The size...not the decor.  For our growing family, it is a great gathering space.  The carpet was in much better condition when we bought it, but kids somehow quickly destroy carpet like no other flooring.  But, like every other room in this house, it was dated.  You can see the floor to ceiling wallpaper in these before pictures. This is the house when we moved in 5 years ago NOT the way it currently looked.


 The kitchen before we demolished the half wall
The other side of the stove- the way the family room looks pre wall demo and before we did the floors
 Wall to wall carpet is not my cup of tea! I hate it.

( the kitchen when we moved in )

We had previously taken off the wallpaper and painted the walls a bluish-grey.  But we recently decided it was time to replace the flooring.  And since we were replacing the flooring, let's include the tile at the base of the fireplace.  This needed to be done first so that we could tie the new floor nicely with the new tile.  We figured that since we were making a mess, that we should open up the space between the kitchen and playroom.  This would allow a lot more natural light in as well as make the kitchen feel larger.  We kept it simple by only removing half the wall.  Of course, something that should have been simple turned out to be more complicated.  This is a gable end wall, so no major structure, but it is a gable end of 2 roofs (playroom and main house), so we put a beam in the ceiling to span the entire opening.  AND the electrical all ran from the ceiling, so we had to put a junction box in the kitchen.  We used a new recessed lighting box as our junction box so we would gain a new light but also stay up to code with electrical.


We love it!  Since there are 11 foot vaulted ceilings, we decided to go with 4.25" tall molding.  We have decided to leave the fireplace surround there ( fire place will be a new post) and maybe replace later on.  We will add a new wider top shelf on the top to give a little more architectural depth and usable mantel.  There are some things left to do - paint the old trim, grout the tile, paint the fireplace surround. But we are very happy with the results.  The biggest change is the opening from the kitchen.  It made an even bigger impact, increase light and visibility improvement than we expected. Next project is to finish the fireplace.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Keira turns 9

 She invited her best friend from school and 2 other local friends. She picked a Paris theme and wanted to watch the American Girl movie Grace Stirs Up Success because its about cooking and takes place in Paris. Dinner of her choice was spaghetti and meatballs and instead of a fancy cake she wanted brownie sundaes so we made homemade brownies and bought Oreo's, ice cream and whipped cream.

She loves reading comics, especially Baby Blues so we bought her a bunch of Family Circus books from Ebay. Also she wanted clothes and a reading light and some little fairies to play with. Her big gift was that she is getting to spend a week at our local Diocesan summer camp for girls on a lake. Her first experience of sleeping away from home.  We will keep you posted!

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Avila Rose 5 months

 The kids get so excited every time she rolls across the room even though she has been doing it for 2 weeks or more now. She was on the blanket where Israel was standing.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

10 years

 10 years ago on 5/12/2006 we said I DO. This year we celebrated a decade of life and love.  When we got married we promised each other we would go to Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary, How naive we were!! 5 kids, a nursing baby and no babysitter- Hawaii ain't happening any time soon. The kids had the day off because of a teacher workshop day. I had a Dr appointment I had been waiting 4 months for and Mike had to go to Worcester for meetings. Nevertheless we were determined to do something. We told the kids we were celebrating the birth of our family.  It was 80 degrees so we headed to the beach at 4 pm, Thanks to Facebook recommendations we tried a fun take out/eat outside type place and checked out a new beach neither of us had never been too. It was a great evening. And thanks to the DVD player in our new van we could talk the whole way there and back without a peep from the overtired kids in the back. A win win all around.
 Everyone in our family loves a good burger, especially Israel!
 He mostly enjoys the fries and ice cream
 Blurry cell phone pics but cute lighthouse right?


 Avila was there too I promise... thats her hood clad head in the turquoise

Avila's first haircut

 Avila had a baby mullet going on. Super long in the back, well past her neckline.
 But shorter in the front. I had my hairdresser just trim/shape the back part of her hair.

 No more mullet!!
 All trimmed up
Still crazy from the front though :P