Monday, October 05, 2015

Dear Israel as you turn 6

 You were our first son. Its been a big year for you. Starting Kindergarten and playing soccer for the first time. You are so full of love of life right now and its great to watch. You go go go all day long and then crash at bedtime ( usually after yelling at daddy and I that its so unfair you have to go to bed and why do you ALWAYS have to go to bed???) You love Legos, Ninjago and Star wars. You wanted a Ninjago birthday but we couldn't find all the stuff to go with that theme so we did Ninjago cupcakes and then Star Wars decorations. Soccer would be your other love right now. You get ready quickly for school in the am's and head out to the driveway to play soccer while you wait for your ride to school in the am's. You were also introduced this year to computer games and like to play Star Wars games on the Ipad when I let you.  You had your first mohawk haircut this summer and although I made you shave it off before school started you tell me all the time that there are kids at school with mohawks and you want yours back. There are also boys at school with earrings and can you have an earring??? ( The answer is no by the way)  You still love mowers, watching the landscapers and big trucks.  You and Keira fight like crazy but you get along pretty well with Nairi and Samuel. You enjoyed going camping with daddy this year in June and didn't really enjoy VBS. You are hoping to do soccer camp this  summer. You remain our skinniest little chicken at just 36 lbs at 6 years old.    We love watching you grow up!

 His reaction to seeing his Kylo Ren costume.
 Where are my presents??? :(

 Lots of chili

Friday, October 02, 2015

Its October! An update on all things

  I'm 26 weeks with baby girl. No closer to a name of course. Third trimester here we come. Looking forward to the END! In the meantime we are enjoying fall and cooling weather ( thank you GOD!)
 The school routine is down pat. Israel spends his days whining about all the safety rules of school and drawing endless pictures of Star Wars and counting down the days till his birthday and the release of the new Star Wars movie. Ohh and learning his ABC's although he tells me he " Already knows all this stuff Mom!"
Week 3 Kindergarten report courtesy of the resident 5 year old ( as heard in the car on the way home from school)
How was school Israel?
" Safety safety safety. Thats all we talk about. We have to do everything safely. Walk safely, put our shoes on safely, get a drink safely. We even have to play Duck Duck Goose safely. We can't even run! We aren't allowed to talk about weapons. We aren't to even think about going on the play structure if its wet because thats not safe. We can't jump on anything. Its the safest school EVER mom!!! Except when there is a fire alarm. Then we have to walk safely, shouldn't you run if there is a fire? Why would you walk? Safety safety safety. We talk about it all day long!"
Tell me something you learned this week Israel.
" Safety mom, thats all we learn and all we talk about. I like home better where we don't have to be safe and we don't have all those dumb rules. Too many rules mom!!"

Keira is doing good in third grade and other than the usual struggle to focus on homework she is doing good.

Yay for fresh apples and homemade applesauce. These two keep me company while the other two are at school.
Mike has 2 more weeks of spinal precautions and he is good to go. He is back at work but working modified hours till he is fully cleared. I'm looking forward to him being able to bend  and lift and move again ( aka empty the dishwasher, pick up the kids, mow the lawn, carry heavy laundry baskets etc). But in all reality his recovery has gone really really well and we are very thankful! Its been nice to have him home more too. Almost 10 years of marriage and I still enjoy his company. We have both been using the step tracker on our phones and counting our steps every day. The goal is 10,000 which is alot for pregnant ole me!
Looking forward to Israel's birthday, Halloween and Thanksgiving/ Christmas and then BABY GIRL!!!

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

First day of school 2015

Praise the Lord its back to school time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) The chorus of mother's everywhere I am sure. Its been a fun summer and they have really been been great keeping themselves busy but the boredom officially set in about 2 weeks ago so I think they are ready! I am ready for some routine and structure and less fighting and more quiet.  I still have 2 at home and 1 resident fetus so its not like Ill be spending my days at the gym getting toned or in front of the TV relaxing.  I can't wait to hear how their first day went. Especially Israel. He was nervous. It helped alot knowing that Keira was there too.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Soccer game

Nairi on the far L and Israel on the far R ( both in red socks). Israel loved it and scored a goal. Nairi stood still as a statue with her fingers in mouth the entire time and DID. NOT. MOVE. A. MUSCLE.

Lumbar discectomy round 2

We just did this in Oct of last year but Mike just had to be the 5% that reherniate so here we go again with the same disc. He had surgery last Thurs ( the 27th).  He is doing well. Walking a mile a day and off meds.

Last day of freedom for Israel

When your 5 and you love machines the highlights of the week are Monday ( when the landscapers are in the neighborhood) and Thursday when the garbage trucks come. This has been the schedule the past 4 years we have lived in this neighborhood. Tomorrow begins full day Kindergarten for Israel and no longer will the lazy days of watching the neighborhood trucks be available to him. Tough life when you are 5. His only consolation is that I can video tape the weekly mowing for him

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Catholic Family Weekend

 Kids enjoyed another great weekend with friends in the woods. Catholic Family weekend was a huge hit again this year. I guess we were so busy having fun we didn't take any pics..... But besides good food and fellowship the kids enjoyed endless bike riding around the grounds, sleeping in a cabin and dining in the dining hall, swimming in the lake, a huge slip and slide, Mass of course and even their first real concert ( Lift was AMAZING!) We hope to go again next year.

coffee is VERY important at CFW
Our cabin at 6 am... waiting for breakfast which wasn't served till 8. They are used to eating at 630 am!

Samuels big boy bed

Part of becoming a big brother is getting booted from your crib. :) Samuel is a great sleeper and shares a room with Israel so we were hopeful this transition would go well. His little sister isn't arriving for another  4 1/2 months but he is getting to heavy for me to hoist over the crib rail and Mike's back surgery is next week so he won't be able to lift him for 6 weeks so now was the time to do it. Its gone well so far. He doesn't try to get up but just goes to sleep. Even at naptime.

Soccer begins

The Vigneau Family tries soccer..... They are so excited for their first practice tonight ( same team)! We will see how it goes. Not sure how Miss Drama will handle it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Living room make over into new dining room

Because we needed a larger dining room we decided to switch the living room and dining room around. We have a huge dining room table that can seat 10 but the room was not big enough for us to open the table anymore. Besides the carpet in this room was disgusting.  You can't tell from the picture but it was full of stains and over 20 years old.  Mike is always happy to comply with my nesting needs so this project was easy to start. Kudos to Mike to getting it all done pretty quickly and all with a herniated disc.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to replace the light to something more "dining roomish" but other than that its DONE!!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Baby 5 Gender Reveal Video / Party

For baby 5 some friends invited us in on their gender reveal party. We have never done this before. I can't keep secrets but since my ultrasound was only the day before the planned party we agreed to the fun. So glad we did. It was alot of fun. 
 The pink layer. We cooked a pink cake first then put chunks of pink inside the cupcakes so that once baked it would be impossible to tell the color inside until bitten into

 The finished product
 Everyone made their educated guess
 Rouillard baby pinata
 Lots of kids

 Its a girl confetti
 Getting ready to find out what baby Vigneau is
 Live action!!! Watch Samuel in this video. He is hilarious.
19 weeks almost 1/2 way there
blurry baby girl in 3d
Thankful everything looks healthy!