Saturday, July 18, 2015

July is flying by

 He is all 2 year old now. He went from a sweet innocent little thing to a irrational  everything-is-tantrum-worthy- variety of 2 year old overnight.

Lots of this ^^^^^ going on THANK YOU generous neighbors with a beautiful clean pool! That leads to exhausted kids that go right to sleep at night and have beautiful tans. :)
 Rainy day puzzles

 And Barbies
 My mini me
 chocolate face

 He still wishes he was tall enough to mow the lawn
 My hydrangeas are amazing this year. So lush and full of heavy blooms

 Kids just completed 2 weeks of intensive swim lessons. Samuel wasn't happy to be left out but next year he will be 3 and can join in.
For every 10,000 fights there is 5 seconds of love

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

4th of July pool party in Easton, MA

Cousins, food, pony rides and swimming. Fun day!