Monday, October 24, 2016

Fall picture dump/recap

 Checking out a new bike trail near our house
 sister to sister gaze
 family photo fail
 hmmmm whats for lunch
 goofy first grader
 silly 4th grader
 on the sidelines at soccer

 Tracking Mikes flight home from the Philippines. He was gone 9 days and we were so excited to see him
 Breakfast to celebrate Mike's 35th birthday
 The cover of our family faith story for CCD or religious Ed
 Facetiming Mike while he was in the Philippines
 She climbs
 who needs a plate?
 fall foliage
 making acorn soup
The newest reader in the house. She is so proud!!!!


Besides school Keira is taking 2 dance classes, Nairi is taking tumbling, and Israel is doing soccer and a boys tumbling class. Kids are enjoying it all and my chauffeur duties increased exponentially.

First day of school 2016

Kindergarten, first and 4th. Nairi's biggest wish ( to go to school) finally came true!

Avila 9 months

ahhh this kid. Such a happy good baby. 9 months old. 2 teeth. Standing, crawling, cruising. Getting interested and actually eating some solids. Not sleeping through the night. Loves the swing, the dishwasher and chewing on shoelaces. Eating Legos. Loves daddy and siblings Being outside.

Avila 8 months ( posted 1 month late)