Friday, March 31, 2017

Kids bathroom lipstick remodel for $200 Before and After pics

Trying to do these things with 5 kids is kinda nuts so lately we seem to forget to get good before pictures. So these first 2 pics are of the master bath ( not the kids bath) but the bathrooms are identical with the identical clown mirrors and identical light fixtures.  I just forgot to snap pictures before Mike went to work removing the mirror and light fixture. So pictures don't really do it justice but the bathroom is original to 1992. So beige walls, beige trim, clown mirror, 90's light fixture, peeling linoleum floors, flowery wall paper border, oak cabinetry, etc.

 Triple whammy of ugliness, popcorn ceiling, wallpaper border, hideous light fixture
 New flooring, new paint, new trim, new mirror new light fixture

 We did not touch the vanity. Costs were light fixture, molding, wax ring for toilet, caulking, new towel bar, toilet paper bar and shower curtain. Paint was leftover from dining room, flooring leftover from kitchen, mirror we already owned. ( Toilet was replaced a few years ago). Because its the kids bath and trashed a daily basis we figured we will add double sink and replace vanity later on. A second sink would be great but they won't die if they have to share a sink.

Samuel turns 4

We love this kid so much! He is into sharks and whales lately so he wanted shark cupcakes for his birthday.  He asked for Legos  and that is  what he got even though we have so many Lego's already.  He mostly spends his days doing puzzles, playing with Legos and playing with trucks and sharks. We have been working on learning some letters and writing his name and he has made lots of progress.  He still loves board games and listening to books as well. Typical preschool kid. The highlight of his day is when the big kids come home from school and he has someone to play with. Being home with boring old mom and a crazy toddler isn't much fun for a 4 year old boy. He is a great sleeper and would love to still take a nap everyday but then isn't ready for bed till late so we have stopped letting him nap and without fail he falls asleep in the car or stroller most days.