Monday, February 24, 2014

Samuel 11 months

Next month when I do this he will officially be 1 and I will no longer have a baby but instead a toddler. I look forward to him walking so he can have fun outside this spring and summer but at the same time its sad to see him leave behind the infant stage.  He is such a joy of a baby. So happy.  Everyone loves you Samuel!

Friday, February 21, 2014


Israel showing how he feels when told its time to go to bed.
 Its the lamest month of the year so all I have is pictures. Winter brain fog and exhaustion has settled into my bones. We have shoveled snow so many times this week I lost track. The piles are up to my shoulders no joke. And I am 5'6 which is not exactly short or tall.  I wish there were Olympic Sports for normal people. You know things like 1 )How fast can you dress a child to play in the snow? 2)How many times can you repeat that feat in 5 min for subsequent children? How many times can you repeat that feat in one day?   3)Who picks up the most snowy, soggy mittens and boots and hats and jackets in one day? Because you know even though we have hooks that the little people can reach they think those things belong on the floor. Right in front of the door. 4) Shoveling a foot of snow off a trampoline with a safety net. 5) Getting a herd of little people out the door in Arctic temps for the car because you know that bulky winter layers and carseats are not compatible. Now those are SPORTS.
 Moving on..... Happy boy!!

 This is Keira fresh out of a shower. And according to her she combed her rats nest  hair.

 They love every min that Mike is home.
 The above mentioned snow piles... please note that bulky winter clothes do not make a person look thin.
If you want to receive mail you gotta clear that out..... Ohh New England I hate  love  thee!

Monday, February 10, 2014

February in pictures

 Its February! One step closer to spring. We survived January. Yes I say survived because it always feels like survival skills are needed to get through January with its darkness and sickness and below zero-ness. We have spent way too much time at home lately and we are all starting to go stir crazy. Myself included. But I swear anytime we go anywhere someone gets sick. One of these winters I will convince my husband that there are greener pastures somewhere south of New England. ( And yes I am aware that I pretty much post this exact same going- stir -crazy- I- hate -winter- kind of post every Jan/ Feb)

 See his pretty new teeth?

 Gating the stairs. Its a baby right of passage. The boy can now climb the stairs. Thus the gate which my children ALWAYS remember to keep closed.
 He loves playing peek a boo in the curtains
 And climbing the dishwasher to find sharp objects
 Howling dogs in capes?? Not sure what they are doing.