Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Miss Crazy Hair is about to turn 1

She is going to be 1 on Sunday!!

This was last week....

And now its 30 degrees with a wind chill factor. :o( Bring back spring!

The faces of a boy


Mike had to travel last week for work. First time ever. In fact its the first time he has been away really in Israel's and Nairi's life ever. Last time Keira was away from her daddy was when she was 6 months old and her and I flew to IA to visit some friends and escape from the kitchen remodel that was going on in our old house. So its safe to say that my kids are NOT used to daddy being away and to be honest I am not used to playing the single parent game- and I really have no interest in learning it. After taking care of the kids from 730 am to 530 pm I am ready for some assistance from 530 pm-730 am. Bedtime help, nighttime assistance with the sleep walking child, the child that likes to come in our bed, and the baby that thinks she is an infant and still needs to snack from the milk bar every few hours at night- I like the whole shared parenting thing. So when Mike told me he was heading to MN for 3 nights and 4 days I had some internal panic. Our 3 kids are on the younger side ( which translates to needy) for those of you unfamiliar with young kids.
I am happy to say that we survived just fine! Thanks to some tips from friends who are used to traveling husbands, my younger brother who slept here at night to prevent me from hearing noises all night long, and Mike's parents for coming to the beach with us, and watching the kids while I picked up Keira from school- we made it!
The uncharacteristic 85 degree weather helped too as it kept the kids busy doing things they haven't done all winter like playing with the hose and running around barefoot. While I am not ready for Mike to travel any time soon the whole thing went much better than I thought. I am very very grateful that he is home as much as he is and as helpful with the kids as he is.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trouble Maker with a toilet paper obession

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Keira's fashion sense

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Beach !!! :o)

90% of the pics the kids have their eyes semi closed. It was so bright at the beach but the sun feels so great this time of year so we didn't break out the sun hats just yet!

The water was numbing cold but still felt good. You can't go to the ocean and not at least get your feet wet. Bring on the 42 degree water! :o)

Nairi's first ever trip to the ocean! Its amazing how much more she seems to enjoy life now that she can walk!

When it's 80 degrees in March and there is no snow why not head to the beach??? This weather is unheard of in NH in March but hey we are enjoying it! Kids loved the sand. Mike's parents came with us to help with the kids. Fun Day!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Getting ready for her first swimming lesson of the year

 I LOVE this picture!!! :o)
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Gotta take advantage of the last little bit of snow. We had so little of it this year!

Now that she can walk she can find all her own sticks-I mean toys.
Good day to chop some wood being that it was almost 60
Israel gets a ride while his sister does all the work

Mike did a little swing set modification this weekend. The Glider is not a favorite swing for my kids and they are constantly fighting over the one regular swing we have ( one glider, one regular swing, and one baby swing) so he took down the glider and installed another swing bracket (those things are $40! at Home Depot) so now we have 2 regular swings and one baby swing.

Canopy Bed - Fancy Nancy style

Keira LOVES the Fancy Nancy books and has been wanting a canopy bed for a LONG time. We do not need another bed so Mike turned her bed into a canopy bed with a few extra 2X4's that we had lying around the house. The bed isn't done - we need to add the canopy (fabric) top, the broomsticks and everything else "Fancy".

The picture in the book doesn't actually have to support any weight or actually work, so we had to modify it. Of course, Keira didn't understand at first, but she is definitely liking it now. SHe will like it even more when it has all of the trimmings.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

edible jelly fish

When you are inside and bored and need some freaky food perk me ups. These are fun http://www.boingboing.net/2009/04/21/freaky-food-fun-inse.html Of course we used all natural nitrate free Trader Joe's Hot dogs and whole wheat spaghetti because somehow that makes it healthier right?