Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Visit with San Diego cousins/ Canobie Lake 2016 /July 4th /lake fun

 Its been a whirlwind of days. We had cousins here from San Diego ( hadn't all been together for 3  years!!) In the 20 days they were here we did trips to the lakes, A trip to Canobie Lake Amusement Park. 4th of July pool party in MA and lots of family dinners.

 All 14 cousins together!

 All the adults minus me taking the picture
 All 14

 Visting Grandma Joyce's grave
 Keira Joyce points of Joyce
 Missing Greg here
 4th of July
 All Red White and Blue

Celebrating  Uncle Peter's 29th birthday

Keira goes to sleep away camp

 9 years old, never a night away from home EVER and she was ready  to leave the nest for 5 days. She attended  "starter" week at Camp Bernadette. I was more nervous than she was. She did great though. Gorgeous camp on the lake.
 Her cabin
 All smiles when we picked her up
 On the dock at Lake Winnipesaukee, last day with friend and neighbor Phoebe ( she moved away)
 Her bunk and cabin

June/ July photo dump

 Summer is flying by!!!! We have been busy.
 Fun at the park
 We are into emojis

 sister love
 How we all felt when Mike traveled for 5 days to MI and MN
 Keira and Israel wrapped up 3rd grade and Kindergarten
 Fresh NH strawberries thanks to our nieghbors
 Kindergarten testing for Nairi
 We had to say goodbye to the nicest neighbors EVER, and to our neighborhood pool. :(

 Israel can now read well enough to read to his younger siblings
 We borrowed Kateri for the week that Mike was away

 Always landscaping
 first mohawk of the summer courtesy of Mom
 Love from my oldest
 Good times at the pool

 sitting up