Sunday, May 18, 2014

North Conway, NH Mini - Vacation

We were supposed to go to Vermont for the weekend but because of the rain we headed north to North Conway to stay at the indoor water park. Kids had a blast and it was a nice mini vacation.  They were so excited about absolutely everything; staying at the hotel, eating at the restaurant, shopping, getting cupcakes, watching tv in the hotel room. Its the little things. Perhaps we should take them out more..... :)
 Lots of this at meals. Keeping kiddos busy with crayons and playing with packets of sugar and cream. The hotel had an awesome breakfast included with the stay and splash package. It was a HUGE hot breakfast buffet. Keira and Israel were so funny trying to decide what to eat for breakfast. So many choices.
 Look at the look Samuel is giving Nairi. She was building him a tower with empty cream containers.

 Water park!!!

 Mikes new sunglasses

 He climbed up there himself
 Da Vigneau's take over the swings

We tend to find the local library or a bookstore wherever we go. I love books and so does Keira and the other kids are always up for a story.

Hotel had free bonfires at night, story hour at bedtime and horse drawn wagon rides around the property
NH's White Mountains. So pretty.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

First "swim" of the summer of 2014

 It reached 84 degrees.! Finally felt like summer. In true NH fashion the next days high was 55 but  hey it was summer if only for a day. I filled up the pools at 730 am and by 230 pm the water was warm  tolerable.
 Nice rolls Samuel.
 Because you need goggles in a kiddie pool
 Her bathing suit  was formally worn  by her 11 year old cousin Kateri and her 6 year old sister Keira. Now thats a hand me down!

" Its not warm enough mom!!"

Mother's Day 2014

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Summer Buzz Cuts

Courtesy of mom and dad. I  just love a boy in a buzz cut.

Samuel calls 911

It took kid # 4 but it finally happened. Samuel called 911. I had just hung up the phone after talking to Mike at work and Samuel was playing with  the phone. I took the phone away and headed upstairs to put him down for a nap. Keira was at school and  Israel and Nairi know to play quietly for 5 min while  I nurse Samuel down for his nap. About 3 min later just as Samuel is falling asleep in my arms Israel burst into the room and says " Mommy there is a police man at the door!!!" I am thinking he meant to say  he saw a police car as there is often one driving through the neighborhood So I am like " What??? At the door? " Yes Mommy at the door he says all excited!!!"
I race downstairs barely putting my shirt/ bra back together to see a police man pounding on the glass storm door. The front door is wide open but I keep the glass storm door locked so Samuel can't push it open and go outside. Nairi is sitting in front of the door just staring at the police man. The police officer sees me and  says "We received a call and hang up from this number and I see two kids and no adults and I have been pounding on the door! I was 2 seconds away from breaking the door down to make sure everything was okay!"
I apologized profusely to the police man for wasting his time and tried to  explain that 13 month old Samuel was playing with the phone and  I had no idea that he had called 911 and that I was upstairs in his room and the fan was on so I didn't hear him pounding on the door.  Oye.... I think he thought I was a nutty lady with too many kids.....

Second floor hallway and stair way make over

 We will be bringing the stairway  and hallway out of 1991.... Good bye Beige everything

Stay tuned for the completed paint job!

Nairi's first dental visit.

Is she cute or what? We have pictures of Keira and Israel on their first dental visit so of course we had to do the same for Nairi.

Frozen - Do you want to Build a Snowman by Nairi

Video 1

Video 2

Samuel Walking Video

At 13 months.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

April 2014 as captured by the Ipad lenses..

We use the Ipad for the quick- need- to- capture- it- now moments. This is the last few weeks as captured by the Ipad. Some of these were taken by the kids.
 Sisters. If only they loved each other the way this picture
 implies .
  Gathered at the door  mourning watching Mike leave for work.
 Saturday morning.

 Samuel in a headband courtesy of Nairi.
 Easter of course!
 Nairi in true character form
 Bad guys.
 Israel always has  a weapon on him.

 Finally some warmth to enjoy the sandbox.
 Sun = ice cream right?
 Dress up play. I love when they dress up.
 More dress up playing starring Israel as a Ninja Turtle.
 Israel's favorite activity in the world. Mowing.
See how green the grass is? That's thanks to the rain rain and more rain and the cool temps. See my attempt at being positive about the crappy cool weather.