Tuesday, September 24, 2013

6 months!!!!!!!!!


Happy 6 months Little Man!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Their first Mountain

 Ready to hike their first mountain. Mt Kearsarge in NH

 She tackled the rock climbing like a pro.... :o)

 We did it! We climbed a mountain!
 Food for the soul ( and tired achy knees)
 The summit! 2,920 '
 Kids at the summit
The wind was slightly scary for him at the top. I think he felt like he was going to blow away. Maybe if he ate more food and didn't weigh 28 lbs.....
And then my camera died. Right after we got to the top and took the above pics. So there are no pictures of Mike and Nairi. Nairi chose to ride up the mountain and down on Mike's back in the Ergo.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy 32nd Birthday Mike!

Happy Birthday! Wish I could take you out somewhere fancy to celebrate! We are so blessed by YOU!! In true good husband/ dad form you went to work as usual, worked all day and came home had dinner with loud crazy children, played with the kids, did bedtime, bath time and finally kicked back to relax around 830 pm 15 hours after your day started.

 To quote Danielle Bean " This was just an everyday dad doing what everyday dads do:whatever needs doing. My hero. "

Monday, September 16, 2013


 This kid. She wears Pjs as clothes and clothes as Pj's. She changes her outfit 4 times a day because the only thing a mom with 4 kids needs is MORE laundry. She is FEISTY.  She challenges us every day. She is fierce. I am afraid of what she will be like as a teenager.

 And the soon to be 4 year old.
This baby. I would have 10 more kids if they could all be like him as an infant. He is just like Keira. Happy. Content. Sleeps 10/11 hours at night without needing to nurse. As long as Nairi's fuse is short his is long. He is almost 6 months and rolling all over the place.

Riding the bus

She has been riding the afternoon bus for over 2 weeks now but today she started the am bus. Its about a 10 min walk from our house ( when walking with toddlers). The bus is scheduled to pick her up at 7:03 am... talk about an early morning! The public school bus doesn't come for another hour. She is doing well and adjusting to first grade and all things first grade related like weekly spelling tests.

When daddy buys you a boyish bike

 Mike picked up this Hot Wheels bike for $15 from Craigslist because she needed a bigger bike. Problem is its a little to boyish for this girly girl. So in keeping with true Keira fashion she covered it with princess and butterfly stickers. This is the kid that puts heart stickers on light switches and electrical outlets all over the house.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013


First day of first grade!  This year she will be riding the bus. We are hoping it goes well.

Last year on the first day of Kindergarten. She has grown up just a tad!