Thursday, July 30, 2009

A beach tradition

Buried in the sand!
Look! Uncle Peter is watching Barney!
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More pics from yesterday

Keira just has a HUGE smile on her face the whole time we are at the beach. She loves the waves, the water, and the sand. The ocean's zero entry is perfect for toddlers. Even when she gets knocked over by a wave and gets a mouthful of salty water she is all smiles!
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dreary weather

Our beach house came stocked with all kinds of outdoor toys. Peter and the cousins play baseball. Keira plays golf with a tennis racket.

Seriously not beach weather!!! These are from yesterday when it was super foggy, misty and cool. We went to the beach anyway and of course Keira went in the water and played until her lips were purple. Today the sun is shining and its pretty much a perfect beach day!!!
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Monday, July 27, 2009


Yesterday turned out to be quite chilly and windy at the beach which seems so strange since its almost August! After a quick dip on the water Keira played in the sand for a while before we headed home beacause we were cold!
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We found a playground a few min walk from the house which Keira was excited about. We are finding plenty of things to do despite the weather not being sunny and hot as we had hoped.

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The weather couldn't make up its mind today between being cloudy and windy to being sunny and hot so we decided to go to the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence. We all had a good time although Keira wasn't as excited about the animals as I thought she would be...
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Zoo pics

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Keira's favorite part of the zoo

Nope. It wasn't the monkeys or the elephants - it was just a random fountain that had fish painted on it
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Always working...

Here is Mike fixing the dishwasher in the beach house. We came back from the zoo today to find a bit of water on the floor. Mike got right to work taking the dishwasher apart and of course needed one trip to the hardware store to fix everything.
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

a few oldies

Okay not oldies but a few pics from a few days ago. Now that I have time to catch up on blogging. Keira won't touch anything that is slightly warm so the other day at breakfast I was joking with her and I held her waffle up to the fan to cool it off. She immediately copied me. So here we are cooling off toaster waffles and sausage links.

Our little Diva finger painting.
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My 28 and 1/2 week profile- getting into the huge category.

Our first glimpse of the ocean. As you can tell it got really cloudy and foggy but the beach is always beautiful!

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