Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kids and Leaves

 I love how she stoops down to his level to talk to him. She coos to him just like a mother would and always makes him smile.

 Always working

Neighborhood Trick or Treat with cousins 2013

You get the idea...... its a classic rushing to get ready to go Trick or Treat in cold weather. :o)

Harvest Dance at SBA

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Just an October morning

Samuel 7 months and first haircut

You are still a lovable guy although the sleeping 11 straight hours at night thing has ended for now. Apparently you now need to snack at the milk bar every few hours. Not sure if its related to teething ( you still have no teeth) or what. It was nice while it lasted.  You inchworm crawl EVERYWHERE and put everything in your mouth. Just this am I have fished leaves, Legos and paper out of your mouth. You are enjoying tasting some food but don't really swallow much at this point. We trimmed your bangs because they were constantly in your eyes.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Israel's 4th birthday party with his cousins-- snow plow themed.

 Israel holds the party favors. A kid sized snow shovel and a bag of snowman poop ( aka marshmallows)

 The decorations are a mix between snow and winter themed stuff and John Deere Tractors since we weren't able to find any party goods that had actual snow plows on them.

 Mike did all the work of hanging the decorations and making the garage look winterish
 The road picture for the game " Pin the snow plow on the road" played like pin the tail on the donkey

 Party favors
 Nairi playing drop the ice block ( aka sugar cube) into the bottle

 Mike's mom set up a craft station and helped the kids make lots of crafts
 The cake- all Mike's doing.The snow covered vehicles are sitting on the road which is edible paper and the John Deere tractor with snow blower attachment we found on Ebay.

 Food! Big huge roasting pan of chili, all the fixings for chili ( cheese, sour cream, Fritos), fruit salad, corn bread, mac and cheese and chicken nuggets