Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Getting there

Posted by PicasaSweet older sister reading her brother a story while he tries to go potty! Israel is doing really well. It only took him about 3 days to catch on with pee. I would say we are about 90% successful with pee. Number 2 we are still working on. Overall though he is doing much better than I thought. He even wakes up dry in the Am's most mornings despite a large glass of milk before bed.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

This weeks projects

Master Bedroom wall art. We searched the internet and found pics we liked. Printed them and framed them are excited to have something on the walls. I think we could have improved the look with using nicer frames that have matting (sp?) in them but those were out of the budget for now.
Keira helped me make a crown of thorns/nails for our lenten table decoration.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dare to hope....

We bought Israel some adorable Cars underwear. My gut tells me he might be a bit young yet to tackle this one at 2 years 4 months but I figured it doesn't hurt to try.

Turning into a toddler overnight!

Ever seen a 10 month old with a bun? So funny how her hair is long enough for a bun and I have trimmed the back once already! Nairi is walking all over the place now. She is so short and just so funny to see her walking Its so crazy how they start out so wobbly and within just a few days her balance has improved 10 fold. She can now bend over and pick up a toy and keep walking or walk while holding a toy. She can also climb all the way up the stairs. Sleep... without waking up every few hours? Now that is another story. Hoping that is the next milestone we tackle!


This year instead of giving up something we are going to try and do this
That ought to keep us from getting bored. I like the idea of giving up or doing extra and switching it up every day. No snacking one day, no Facebook another day, daily Mass with the kids one day.
We are going to put a purple candle in the middle of it and light it at dinner ( similar to Advent) and say a simple prayer like“Glory, love, and thanksgiving be to the Sacred Heart of Jesus! Amen.” My kids love fire so the whole lighting a candle and saying a simple prayer seems to stick with them. In Advent we said "Come Lord Jesus" 3 times before dinner prayers. Israel still says "Come Lord Jesus!" when he says mealtime prayers!
Keira is getting older so teaching the traditions of the faith is becoming more fun. There are tons of cool craft ideas online too and Keira loves crafts.

Thursday, February 09, 2012


Her birthday is 4 months away but already she is "planning" and coming up with ideas for what kind of cake she would like and what kind of party or special family day she wants. Okay I know I uploaded the same picture twice here but blogger will not delete one so its going to have to stay!!


Israel loves nothing better than a pile of dirt and a few Tonka trucks. Usually one dump truck, one bulldozer, and one digger or backhoe. We now have outdoor trucks for digging in the mud/dirt/snow/puddles/mulch/sand and indoor trucks for imaginary digging and dumping. We will have to remember to bring a bag of trucks to the beach this summer and he can dig like crazy with his Tonka trucks in the endless sand!

Spring in February

We have had some really beautiful 40 and almost 50 degree days with glorious sun. Since there is no snow the ground is dry and I am able to put Nairi on the ground and let her crawl around, eat grass and mulch and pick grass. She loves being out and I love the SUN!!!

Monday, February 06, 2012

Some Changes....

Israel "chopping" wood just like he sees Mike do
Keira's awesome fashion choices
Israel's bulldozer he picked out for his special "weaning" toy.

At 2 years and 3 months old Israel is finally weaned. I nursed him for 9 months, then another 9 months through my pregnancy with Nairi, and then tandem nursed him for 10 months. It was time to move on. I knew he was ready as whenever Mike was home he would be too busy following daddy around to ask to nurse. He hasn't nursed for 5 days now so I think its safe to say he is done. He still asks a few times a day ( mostly just during the week when Mike is not around) but we just cuddle instead and he whines for maybe a minute or too and then he accepts it. We took him to the toy store and let him pick out a special big boy toy. He wanted a fire truck with a "big ladder!!!" Of course Toys R Us did not have one. They had a babyish fire truck but not an actual realistic looking fire truck. He settled for a bulldozer instead.

Nairi had her first ear infection- actually she was the first of the three kids to have an ear infection. She has been on Amoxicillin for a few days now and is doing MUCH better. She had an upper respiratory infection along with the ear infection and it was a rough couple of days around here with her. Last week we stopped bouncing Nairi to sleep on the exercise ball. We are attempting to teach her gently how to fall asleep on her own ( No cry it out stuff here) but so far its not going that well. She has done it 3 times. Time and patience will help I hope. In the meantime she continues to wake up at least 3 times a night.

We finally made a school decision for Keira for Kindergarten. We ended up dropping my first choice school and Mike's first choice school and going with a different school and we are at peace with our decision ( I think). Hopefully its a good fit for Keira!!! Its going to be so strange to have her gone everyday next year from 7:15 to 2:30 pm!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Happy 10 Months Nairi Bean!

You get to celebrate being 10 months by having the worst cold/illness of your young life! Hope you are feeling better soon! You now have 4 teeth and can stand all by yourself. We imagine that you will start taking steps soon! You still wake up every fews hours at night...Posted by Picasa