Saturday, August 29, 2009

Keira and daddy wrestling and being silly

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Baby boy's room pre demo day 1

Enjoy the ugliness. Its the last un updated room in the house. Good bye paneling, 4 layers of wallpaper, small window, low ceiling, fake ceiling tiles, and ugly sub floor.
We don't know the remodel plan exactly yet.. waiting for a contractor to give us estimates of the cost to bump out the roof for a second bathroom and possible a 1/2 or full back dormer. But Mike figured he would get started on demo, raising the ceiling and replacing the tiny window with a double one. He and Anthony only worked a few hours this am but made great progress. In emptying the room which was our storage room/ office we purged some more stuff. Its amazing how much stuff you can't keep when you have barely any closet or storage space.
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Week 33

My new midwife came yesterday for a home visit. All went well and Keira and Mike got to here Little Bean's heartbeat as well. Then Keira borrowed the Doppler and proceeded to listen to her heartbeat, daddies, mama's and her doll Alice. BP is good, baby is good, and mama is tired, cranky, and uncomfortable. 49 days to go. Next appointment is week 35 check up on Labor Day and then its weekly until baby decides to make his appearance.
We are taking bets and predictions on arrival date and birth weight. I'll give a few hints.
Keira was born on June first. Her NFP due date for all your savvy NFPERs was June second. Her actual due date was June 4th. She was 6 lbs 10 oz and I had gained 40 lbs.
This guy's due date is Oct 14th, NFP due date is somewhere between Oct 9th-Oct 11th based on day on conception. I am one day shy of 33 weeks and have gained 40 lbs.
My predictions..... day of birth. Oct 10th. Birth weight 7 lbs 5 oz. Of course this is all speculation.... lets hear some other bets. No predictions before 37 weeks please ( which I think is Sept 22nd or 23rd) ! He has to be at least 37 weeks to be born at home. Winner reserves the right to be the first viewer of the freshly born babe.
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What daddy's do for their daughters!

Mike painted Keira's nails for the first time this weekend. She woke up on Sunday and saw that I had freshly painted bright red toenails and she wanted some too. She now has sparkly pink toes and bright red fingernails- on one hand. She wouldn't sit still long enough to let Mike paint her L hand... which works out fine since I didn't want her L thumb painted anyways since she still sucks her thumb.
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Saturday, August 22, 2009


This is Keira playing outside in the rain at 730 am this am. The water in the pool that she is standing in is rain water!
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New window

This is one of the windows in our bedroom. It is by far the worst window in the house.. not only can you literally see the curtains blowing in the wind ( with the window fully closed of course) but the panes of glass were literally falling out of the window. You can imagine the chilly breeze it provides in the winter and yes its right next to our bed! Anyways Mike replaced it this am with some help from Anthony. I love it!! I have an obsession with windows with the grids in the glass and as we slowly replace the old windows all the new ones have the grids in between the glass. The new window is a few inches taller and wider so yay for more sunlight. This is the window without the molding obviously. Mike will probably finish that tomorrow.
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Friday, August 21, 2009

Just Keira

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Keira's new quilt

Keira's new light purple and green custom quilt is done and it looks so good! It came out perfect. Its hard to tell from the pics but the colors match her walls perfectly.
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Keira's new quilt 2

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lake pics

OOops... Keira goes in headfirst. She just laughed!
These are my fav pics from Sunday at the Lake.
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