Friday, August 31, 2007


KEIRA IS ON YOUTUBE!!!!! Check out this hilarious videos of her giggling.
Keira by herself -
Keira and Daddy -

Thursday, August 30, 2007


I'm super excited.....

I haven't been able to wear my wedding rings since I was about 28 weeks pregnant. About 2 weeks post partum I tried to get them back on and they got stuck on my fingers- hence I had to have them cut off ( the rings - not the finger). So today we are taking them back to the jeweller that made them ( who happens to be my cousin) and I am getting them put back together so that I can wear them again. YIPPPEEEE. I am not a huge jewelry fan - but I do LOVE and miss my wedding rings. Besides they have been blessed.... :o)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Not 1, not 2, but 24...

Today I picked 24 cucumbers!!! I only planted 5 cucumber plants and we have already picked probably 45

-50 cucumbers already!!!Luckily its my favorite veggie. We eat them daily with tomatoes and Parmesan or Mozzie cheese. YUMMY.

We have nice neighbors so we will probably share some cukes with them . :o)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Holy Baby

The Baptism pics are up. THANKS to Amy Malinowski for the great photography. Ahhhh now our little heathen is an Angel... JK...
The comments on the pics are courtesy of Amy too.

Monday, August 27, 2007

My first hairdo

Keira and I went shopping this morning.. They had these teeny tiny barrettes at Wal-mart that I just had to get.

oops I did it again... :o)

ooops... We been neglecting the blog lately. We have been real busy with .. well you know.. nothing!! Anyways here is some pics from this morning.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Our pretty new oil tank

Sooo I was down in the basement doing laundry the other day and Mike had just got home from work- He came downstairs to say hello to me and noticed that the basement smelled faintly of oil. He went over to inspect the oil tank and realized there was some rust on the tank and a teeny tiny line of oil that was running down the side of the tank( aka leaking). So in hopes of preventing finding 275 gallons of oil floating in our basement we had a whole new tank installed. They jackhammered the concrete to bury the oil line that runs from the tank to the furnace underground- so since it was going to be noisy and smelly- we spent the day at the park and Barnes and Nobles. Now we have a pretty new and leak free tank in our basement. I can't think of a better way to spend 1500 dollars.....

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fall is in the air...

The past few days we have had some unseasonably chilly weather. Its been in the 60's. Today there was a cool breeze as well. Keira and I went walking in the woods on a trail with a friend of ours so I pulled out the hat... here she is all bundled up for our walk and watering the grass with daddy.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Playtime with daddy

Our little heathen got baptised Yesterday. We will post pics soon!!!!
Here she is playing with daddy before bedtime. She loves to stand (with help of course) and fail her arms back and forth. She gets really excited and giggles.

Friday, August 17, 2007


We got Keira a new swaddle blanket. Its called the miracle blanket and its only available online. She can still get her way out of it occasionally. If she isn't swaddled she wakes up after 45 min no matter what. Here she is all swaddled up taking a nap.... ( a 3 hour nap!! :o))

Mowing the lawn

Those of you that know my husband know that he is a little bit OCD at times. He used to be ALOT OCD but ever since we got married he toned down his ocdness quite a bit. Now we just like to say that he is very neat and clean and likes things organized and tidy- ohh and the folding of his underwear and t shirts a certain way??? He got over that REAL quick after the wedding.. :o) Anyhow.... I think I have mentioned before that when we bought our house in Dec he quickly informed me he that he hates yard work, mowing, landscaping- anything like that- he would much rather be in his workshop playing with his "manly" tools that have names like compound miter saw and air compressor or nail gun. Tools that cost alot, weigh alot and make alot of noise. He regularly checks the Sears, Home Depot and Lowes ads for sales of tools that he "needs" but that is a whole another story.. anyways back to the point. So Mike hated yard work but lately has gotten to like it ALOT- or at least he spends alot of time doing it. Granted we have done alot of work on the front of our new house- planted 2 trees, built a stone pathway, installed lighting around the pathway, tore down 3 bushes, planted hundred's of dollars worth of perennials, etc. Mike's latest project has been to fertilize our yard.--which made the lawn good lush and green for a while, then brown and now its back to looking lush and green again. We are having Keira's Baptismal celebration Sunday ( an outdoor BBQ) so he wants the yard to look great. Last night Mike was outside mowing the grass. Normal people just mow right- if you are neat and tidy then you mow in straight little lines. Now my husband mows the lawn not once but twice. First he mows with the blade on a higher setting- then he mows it again on the lowest setting. He also mows the yard with the bag on the mower to collect all the grass- so there aren't any messy grass clippings cluttering up the grass. So after every row he has to stop and empty the bag because our fertilized grass is so lush and long. So it goes something like this-

Mow a row with the blade on a higher setting- empty the mower bag into the wheel barrow, REPEAT about 40 times. Then set the mower blade on the lowest setting, mow a row, empty the bag, REPEAT about 40 times. The weed whack, then sweep up any stray grass clippings on the front walkway and driveway. And that is just the front yard... Tonight he is going to do the back yard. Mind you- I am not complaining- I think we have the tidiest yard in the neighborhood. Whenever I meet any of the neighbors they always tell me what a nice job we are doing on the house, yard. The best part is I didn't have to do any of the work.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm just to tired to sleep...

( the pic of her sleeping in the blue outfit is NOT from yesterday) the other 2 pics are.
Yesterday Keira decided she didn't want to nap . AT ALL. She normally takes an am nap in the stroller while I walk and then a 3 hour afternoon nap and occasionally a catnap around 5or 6 pm and then bedtime around 8 pm.

It all started with the walk- she refused to sleep and just looked around instead. She did finally fall asleep for about 5 min right before we got back to the house and then that was it- she was up... I figured she she didn't nap in the am she would go down early for her afternoon nap.. Nope. Didn't want to do that either. I had to go our to Sam's club and get some stuff for our big BBQ Baptism bash this weekend for Keira so I plopped her in car seat around 1:30 and figured the car would knock her out. I get to Sam's club 10 min later and she is sleeping. PERFECT I think to myself- I can't get my shopping done and get outta there- Nope. She wakes up as soon as we get into Sam's which is about exactly 10 min after she fell asleep. She proceeds to stay awake entire time I was shopping.- Maybe the ride home will knock her out I think- Yep she is sleeping again- She is perfectly capable of sleeping 3 hours in her car seat and does it alot if I am running errands. Nope she wakes up about 45 min later back at the house. I nurse her and try to get her to go back to sleep- I put her in the crib- dim the curtains, play bedtime music.. NOPE. That isn't working either. So I figure whatever she can stay awake. She of course is a little cranky because she is so tired. She won't hang out in her bouncy seat, doesn't want to lay on the couch and look around. Just wants to be held and to whine...ohhh and nurse. By 5 pm- I cut her off the nursing.. she was nursing every 45-1 hour!!! OUCH. Anyways so Mike comes home for dinner and she snuggles right up against him and goes to sleep!!!!! It was short lived however-he only slept like 10 min. We went to a talk at church last night so she was up late- till 10 pm. The entire time at church 7-9:30 Mike walked around the back of the church with her in the Baby Bjorn carrier trying to get her to fall asleep. She finally fell asleep about 10 min before it ended only to wake up when we put her in the car seat!!!.... and it continued through the night- she was up at 3:30, 5:30. 6:30- At 6:30 I gave in and put her on her belly and now at 8:30 she is still sleeping. Crazy baby!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Modeling :o)

Yesterday I was trying to get good picture of Keira in this outfit to send it to a friend of ours who bought the outfit for her. I took like 20 shots and none of them turned out very good. In the end I got a few decent shots but none of her smiling. Of course she started smiling right away after I put the camera away..... :o)
I can't believe the weekend is over already. :o( It goes by so fast. Mike spent the weekend putting up the fence gate. We are having a big BBQ bash next weekend to celebrate Keira's baptism so he wants the yard to look good for that. I made a new flower garden in the backyard next to the fence.

Friday, August 10, 2007

attemptng to make cookies

Check Spelling
Well yesterday the weather was awesome... 70's and NO HUMIDITY- We went to Livingston park and walked around the pond with one of my new mommy friends and her little girl who is 2 weeks younger than Keira. The we hung out with a whole bunch of moms from the Manchester moms group. Keira was in a great mood and other than projectile vomiting across a bench ( which thankfully hit nothing other than the sidewalk) we had a great time.

Today Keira woke up all smiles as usual- We bought her a new swaddle blanket called the miracle blanket b/c she is outgrowing the one we have. This one claims that the baby can't get out of it --- what do ya know... she gets herself out of it every single time!!! I am not ready to give up the swaddling though b/c if I don't wrap her up her she just fusses in her crib when its time to go to sleep. If we swaddle her its like she knows its time to go to sleep and most of the time she just goes to sleep. Anyways as soon as Mike left for work she turned crabby and fussy ( which she does alot)- I got her all ready to go for a walk - she was buckled in her car seat and screaming ( which she does every time she is placed in her car seat) and then I realized its raining outside... darn. No exercise for me today. Since I can't go anywhere outside and lose some poundage.. I figured I might as well gain a few. I am going to attempt to make oatmeal cream pies ( there are soft chewy oatmeal cookies with a cool whip center). Of course we ran out of sugar and flour last time we attempted to bake anything... think muffins gone bad!!! So I bundle Keira in her car seat again and into the man truck we go as Mike has the car at work. We buy flour and sugar and head home- I get Keira into her bouncy seat so I can start the cookies and she decides its time to eat again.. even though she ate less than an hour ago... she she eats for 5 min and falls asleep.. and here it is 12 noon and I am not showered and have done nothing other than attempt to get something done.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

muffins gone bad

Ahh yes- this is what happens when you run out of flour in the middle of making muffins and are to lazy to drive the 1/8 of a mile down the street to the grocery store at 9 pm. You see- we had acutally just got back from the grocery store so there was no way we were going back....

As you can see they turned out rather spongey and pretty gross!

The other pics are of the ourdoor lights we installed. I actually helped mike install them.. he wanted to it on the hottest day of the summer... by the time we were done it was 11 am and we were both sweating buckets.

2 month check-up

Keira had her 2 month check-up on Monday. She has gained another 2 lbs and now weighs 11lbs 11 oz- She is in the 75% for everything. We have moved on to size 2 diapers and into some 3-6 month clothes. She also received her vaccinations. I decided to leave the room and go to the bathroom while she got her shots b/c I did not want to see her face- I left Mike to deal with it!!! I did however make it back to the room in time to hear her scream.. she got 3 shots. Mike picked her up afterwards and she calmed down and then I nursed her and she went to sleep- she woke up 2 hours later and started to do her bloody murder screaming for about 10 min- ate for 5 min and went back to sleep- she repeated this every 2 hours until 9 pm and she finally woke up and started smiling and cooing again- PHEW.... I was convinced that I had made her autistic and given her brain inflammation or something!!! She is back to her normal self... not looking forward to the next several doctors appointments with shots.

Here are some pics or her NOT enjoying tummy time- and hanging out in her bouncy seat.. she had so nicely managed to spit up all over her clothes hence the nakedness- We decided to make blueberry muffins last night at 8 30 pm.. Keira had a good time watching us. We however ran out of flour.... I will have to post pics of what they look like... poor pathetic muffins.....
This past weekend we installed some outside lights around the pathway that leads to our front door. There was a piece that mike needed to finish the lights ( some box thingie with a cover so we don't electrocute the place) so I bought one at Lowe's for him. Only when he took apart the current plug outside to install the box, he noticed that some of the wires showed charred marks, so we decided that we should probably replace the box and outlet. So when I was grocery shopping last night, Mike took Keira to Home Depot to do some shopping. She was awake, so he had to carry her on one arm while simultaneously push the carriage. ( or so he tells me) ( There is no hanging out in the car seat if we are awake... WE do not like being tied down in the car seat!!!!) Mike also picked up a hedge trimmer so we can now trim our very very overgrown hedges.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Babies x2

Yesterday we babysat Mike's nephew Isaac who is almost a year old. He is a very good baby- very mellow like Keira. We took the babies to mass ( they were both well behaved) and then to the park for a while. Here is some pics of us at the park. I brought some toys for Isaac to play with but of course he preferred to play with the stroller and the box of fruit snacks!!

So we left Manchester around 2:30 and drove about an hour to Kezar lake. It was nice and breezy and the water was clear and the temp of bath water--since the water was so warm I thought Keira might actually like it. Mike got in with her and she LOVED it!!! She didn't like it the other too times when I tried to take her in the water but the water was colder both times before. Thankfully it cooled off last night and the humidity is gone.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

All Smiles

Here she is.... smiling away!!!Its about 5000 degrees out. We finally installed the lights onto the pathway - I know, it would have been easier to install them when we were doing the pathway, but we are you will have to forgive us.
Mike was filling in the cracks in the driveway when one of the neighbors who does paving approached him and said that they could fill the cracks and seal the driveway for $200. So Mike decided that it would be easier and less heat exhaustion to pay the guy. Now our driveway is sealed and the cracks are filled.
Since it is SOO hot, we are going to the lake to cool off. You should stay cool as well.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

2 months!!!!

Today Keira is 2 months old!!! She has changed quiet a bit in 2 months don't you think????
She decided to celebrate the occasion by rolling over for the first time "for real" I say for real b/c she has rolled from her belly to her back before on soft surfaces like our bed or the table at the doctors office- but I think its easier on a soft surface. Anyways so Keira and I were hanging out at Barnes and Nobles b.c its super hot out and I wanted to go somewhere nice and cool. I laid her on the floor on a blanket on her belly and she immediately rolled over on her back- she did it twice and that was it.