Thursday, January 31, 2008

Definately those darn teeth!!!

I took Keira to the doctors today to rule out an ear infection since she has been so crabby lately and clawing at the back of her head. Her ears are fine so it must be her teeth. My charming baby has been replaced with monster baby again!!!! Thank goodness for Tylenol. She starts smiling again about 20 min after I give it to her.
Our house is now covered in plastic as Mike prepares to finish mudding and sanding......

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

those darn teeth

Keira has been a little miserable since we have been home. We aren't sure if her teeth are bothering her.. they are still making there way to where they belong. They are both finally above the gum line but one is about 1/2 the way in and the other about 1/4. If its not her teeth we are wondering if she has an ear infection. Since she has been a little crabby I can't get much done during the day as she wants me to hold her or play with her all the time. So usually after she goes to bed Mike and I get busy with what we need to get done. Tonight Mike was putting up molding around the bathroom door and putting paper and plastic over all our stuff so he can finish mudding and sanding this weekend. I was busy making tacos and stuffed cabbage rolls. Yes I am aware that they look gross in the picture. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they taste good. I have never made them before and Mike informed me that they "looked gross" while I was rolling the meat/rice mixture in the cabbage leaves. I am a little leery of them turning out okay because this recipe calls for them to be cooked in a crock pot... seems a little odd to me!!!
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Its leaking over here daddy!!!

Our kitchen sink leaks- or leaked... its all fixed now. Mike and Keira worked on it last night and then when Mike realized he needed a certain part at Home Depot and it was almost 10 pm he stopped. It was finished fixing it this afternoon. This is what happens to your kitchen when your sink is out of commission for 24 hours......
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Monday, January 28, 2008

what do you think???

Mike is going to kill me for posting these pics as he does like a little tired... or maybe alot tired in them.... This is Mike with facial hair... something I have never actually seen... He grew this beard while we were gone because he didn't have time to shave and because I wanted to see what he would like like with a beard. He keeps asking me if he should shave it or not and I can't decide......
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Keira is excited to be home and play with all her toys again!!! And especially to play with dada!!
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Sunday, January 27, 2008

did anyone see it???

If you watched Extreme Home Make-Over on ABC tonight very closely.. there were 2 glimpses of our house during the car versus skateboard race. Ahhhh- our humble little Vigneau crib on national TV. Pretty darn cool!!!

Post Construction Pics

Here are the post-construction week pictures. Some long hours, painful knees, backs and wallets all contributed to the project.
We finished the major things we wanted to complete. We put in new flooring in the kitchen and bathroom, installed the lighting, cabinets, sanded the hardwood floor and put one coat on, installed the plumbing (new vanity, toilet and kitchen sink). We didn't get to finish the drywall...but it only needs some sanding and another coat of mud. Then the molding, door reinstallation and all of the other finishing touches. But things are much improved from before.
Anyways...back to lazying about ;)

Baby butts!!

Baby butts.. I couldn't resist taking this pic!!

All the mamas and babies

All the kiddos

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Baby Benjamin (my friend Katie's baby- he is 6 weeks old) and then more pics of Eli and Keira
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Keira and Eli 1

Natalie and Eli (Natalie is Eli's mama)
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pics from iowa

This is Keira and my friends baby Eli.. the one who is 2 weeks older, 10 lbs heavier and 3 inches longer!! He was always grabbing keira and trying to kiss or eat her. She didn't mind most of the time.

Keira and Kim... and baby Lydia
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