Saturday, July 30, 2011

Newfound Lake 2011

Mike and I love Newfound Lake. We go every summer at least once! The 3 pics above are from last summer when we went to Newfound Lake.. And the pics below are from today. Newfound Lake 2011 :o)

And Nairi's first trip. I don't think she was impressed. It was super windy on the beach and then she screamed the whole way home.

Friday, July 29, 2011

And with furniture...

My lack of photography skills means that the pictures do NOT do this room justice. It looks amazing. Mike did an awesome job. This is my new favorite room of the house.
So we still need curtains, some wall art and something to decorate the top of the table but its getting there. I have to say I think this room came out AWESOME. I absolutely love the picture frame molding and the chair rail contrasted with the deep mocha of the walls and the dark furniture. The hardwood floor adds a nice touch and is so much better than white carpet!! Not sure that the red table cloth really goes but its the only table cloth that I have at the moment. I have waited 5 years for this dining room. Our other house had no dining room and not even an eat in kitchen really. We had a teeny tiny kitchen table that we were constantly banging our shins on and that was it. Tonight we had my whole family over and there was room for every one to sit around the table comfortably and then some. We are the type of people that will end up using our dining room table weekly. I am happy to finally have a space for entertaining friends and family. And I'm lucky that my husband didn't mind spending his whole week of vacation remodeling the room ( and he actually enjoyed it).

Dining room 90% completed

Lighting on clearance from Lowes. Lighting is very important folks. I was very excited about this find.

Beauitful picture frame molding done by Mike

Mike's woodworking skills ( not the actual vent ) but the framing around it

Completed Maple floor.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dining room remodel half way there

Mikes super excited about this floor level, maple vent that matches the maple flooring exactly. Me not so much but I'm going along with it.

We went with the brown. The bottom half of the wall is going to be a white wainscoating/ picture frame molding. Just like this...

Which is why we think we can get away with the dark color. We are hoping it comes off as a rich looking dining room.

Stay tuned for the final product complete with the new maple flooring

During remodel

Carpet removal

Wall paper is removed. The walls are mudded, sanded and primed

Mike mudding and talking on the phone

Dining room pre- model...

So here is the dining room as it stands.... tan/beige carpet, tan walls, gold chandelier, 90ish house wall paper border, beige trim.

The boxes are the color choices for the room.

The girls

Keira is convinced that Nairi loves her beloved "sheepie" as much as she does.

Israel 21 months

He loves all things Bob the Builder, trucks, tools, mowers, shovels, and dada. He has a soft spot for Nairi and loves to go up to her and say " Hi Nairi Anne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lake Sunapee

sand and water... it can't get any more entertaining for my kids

Nice hat Mike!

Keira making her best Memere face

Auntie Michele with Nairi

Israel and his " diggahhhhh"

Keira doesnt mind the cold water

Neither does Israel

Nairi wasn't a fan of the sun or the wind