Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter 2013

 We have super powers. We made it to 8 am Mass ( only about 2 min late) with 4 kids under 6. Yeah we are awesome. ( okay maybe I set out everyone's clothes the night before)

 Take note: If you travel with a teenage girl people will think you have a LIVE in nanny. It will happen over and over again. No we don't have a nanny. Yes I would love one... or maybe a cook or a maid. :o)

Nairi turns 2

 Its a Curious George birthday. Connie was given this day old cake ( it was blank on top) for free so we decided to decorate it since we are short on energy this week and make cupcakes to actually eat.
 Curious George cake toppers courtesy of Ebay.

 1 week old!!
 cupcakes decorated al la Keira
 Israel attempts to show 2 fingers.

 Easter egg hunt.
 The birthday girl finds some eggs

 Blowing out her candles
YAY!!! "I'm two!"

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Preparations for turning 2!

 Must get nails painted before the big Curious George  party. " Want pretty nails!" she says
 Daddy is happy to oblige the birthday girl.
 The soldiers oversee the whole process
 "Pretty pretty!!!" she says over and over
 We are going to have an egg hunt with Vigneau cousins as part of the party. Mike and I fill the eggs at 9 pm last night because we stay up LATE :o).

New Floor- Finally!

 After 2 months the flooring we ordered for the mudroom ( and eventually the whole kitchen) arrived at Home Depot. In between taking are of me and the house and the kids Mike found some time to install it. We love it and can't wait to have it in the whole kitchen.

Trying to get rid of all the gold floor grates in the house. Just some molding and the bench seat to complete and the project is complete!

First car trip and weight check.

 I'm awake!
 Its a hard job playing dad AND mom and nurse for 4 kids and a post partum wife for a week.... all on little sleep.
 The dreaded carseat.... I went to the Dr's for my first check up by a Dr since I was born at home. Already back to birth weight and then an ounce at 4 days old. Mama's milk is good stuff!
 I think I'll scratch up my face so I can start crying before we even get in the car!
Look real clothes 2 days in a row!!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2/3 days old

  48 hours old. Mama is SO much happier with him out than IN!!!
 Meeting Grandpa Kalpakgian
3 days old Milk has arrived and he seems more content.
Confession time. He is 3 days old and has not worn an "outfit" yet. With all my other kids I ALWAYS changed them into outfits during the day ( from the day of birth) and kept pj's for nighttime ONLY. He is 3 days old and has worn nothing but pj's. Not sure if I am getting lazier or just busier.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Samuel Fulton Vigneau

Introducing the newest family member....

 March 24, 2013
Weight: 8lb 5oz
Length: 20.5in
Woke up at 1:30 am with some painful contractions. Went downstairs to time them and realized they were 1 min 30 sec apart. Woke Mike up at 2 am. Called midwife.  First midwife arrived around 2:40 am. My water broke at 2:51. Second midwife arrived around 3 and he was born at 3:16. Not to shabby. :o) But to be fair I think I have been in early labor for the past few days.