Friday, June 27, 2014


Nairi's Personality Leaf Blowing Leaf Blowing Duet Weedwacking

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Geo Caching attempt 2

 These two crack me up. Look at Nairi's face. They were chattering nonstop to each other on the trail.  They are the closest in age of any of our four and they really get along the best of all the children- its no small feat to get along with Nairi.

It was a beautiful evening for a walk and playing in the park. Geo caching didn't work out so well though. The one and only cache we found was water logged and sopping wet. Kids were disappointed we didn't find any treasure but we assured them we will try again soon.

Oh the excitement of a leaf blower

 I know I talk alot about Israel and his obsession with landscaping tools  and mowing and snow blowing etc. But really his love of these things has gone on since he was about 18 months old. He has his own set of yarsd tools complete with a  lawn tractor, push mower, leaf blower, and weed wacker etc.  Mike has wanted a back pack leaf blower for a while as he in the yard-work committee at Keira's school and dealing with the cord is just a pain. Well yesterday Mike bought one. Israel immediately made his own "backpack" blower by using his back pack from preschool and tying his leaf blower to the pack. Add matching ear protection and its just too funny.

Happy 15 months Samuel

 Dear Samuel, at 15 months you love love LOVE cars and trucks and tractors. You call any vehicle with wheels a car. You accurately pronounce car like the New Englander that you are "Caaaaaahhhh".  You sit on the floor and push the car or truck and make engine noises that Israel must have taught you. You are partial to lawn mowers too thanks to your brother.

 You love bellies and lift up your shirt or my shirt or the kids skirts to point out their belly and then you always laugh.
 What other 15 month knows to to accurately push a lawn mower in lines and make engine noises?
 Super Samuel!
 You adore going outside and playing in the driveway with a ball, pushing a toy mower around or playing in the sand box. And of course pointing out every car that drives by.  And just like every one of your siblings you have discovered the drains in the street that contain water and  how fun it is to throw rocks down the drains. Any time you find a rock you head for the street and once you throw the rock you beg me for more rocks.
 If you want to go out you bring me your shoes and point to the door or simply go to the door and pound on it and make begging sounds.
You have over 25 words and you use them a lot. They are things like Mama, more, Israel, Nairi, rock, ball, belly, bottle, flower, apple, cracker and car. You have 5 teeth and just started insisting on feeding yourself with a spoon. You have been feeding yourself with your hands since you started eating solids. You love bottles ( to play with ) of any kind, plastic bottles glass bottles old vitamin bottles. You want to carry them around and put things in them. Yesterday I was outside with you in a parking lot because you couldn't sit still in the booth at the restaurant  while the kids ate their ice cream. There was a small plastic Vodka bottle on the ground in the parking lot and when I wouldn't let you touch it you threw a huge fit. Speaking of fits you are definitely a toddler now. You do have lots of tantrums and a short fuse when you do not get your way. I think you have a Vigneau temper like daddy. You are wiggly and restless and make going places like church and the library difficult!
You still nurse 5-7 times a day and wake up 1-2 times at night. I keep meaning to night wean you but when you holler out MAMA in the middle of the night its just easier to give you what you want.
All the kids adore you and daddy and I too.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Favorite Summer Activity

 Its been a chilly start to swim season so far.  With very few realty hot days to warm up the water and most the the time the air temp is on the cooler side ( high 70's- which is PERFECT for playing outside just not swimming in ice cubes) The kids don't seem daunted  though. Swimming is their FAVORITE thing to do in the summer hands down.  We swim at Mike's uncle's house, our neighbors pool and sometimes we hit up some of the gorgeous lakes in NH,

 Summer in New England = baby in fleece jacket due to the wind chill factor by the lake.
We are going to the Cape Cod in less than a month we need some 80/ 90 degree days!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Keira's last day of First Grade ( 2014)

7 years old.

Saint Benedict Academy Family Fun Day

 The kids have been looking forward to Family Fun Day at Keira's school for weeks now. Look at the excitement as they wait to climb the rock climbing wall.

 Glitter Tattoos. Israel got a scorpion, Nairi an ice cream cone and Keira a flower.

 Keira is such a good sharer. Even a rare treat like a snow cone and she is sharing it 2 ways. Keira's bus driver often gives the kids treats on the bus like Life Savers, lollipops and popsicles. I have overheard Israel and Nairi wondering what treat Keira will come off the bus with as they know she always saves them a bite or a lick.

Look at Samuel beg for more snow cone, even he knows that Keira will always share with him.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Kitchen pre and post paint job
 With wallpaper and before new paint ^ and completed below
Again the internet distorts the color but its very sage-ish  and not lime greenish as it appears in the pictures. The trim went from beige to white. Mess of a kitchen courtesy of my children and their never ending need to eat.

Second floor hallway remodel and stairway make over

The  second floor hallway pre everything...
The stairway pre everything
 Its finished.  We ditched the beige everything and repainted railings, trim, walls, and ceiling. Floor has been replaced  in the hallway  too but that has  been done for a few months.  Obviously the carpet on the stairs needs to go as well. Its the same gross dirty beige as everything else, but since we still have babies /toddlers in the house we want to leave it for just a bit longer. We haven't decided if we will just re-carpet till kids are older or just wait and tear it off and go straight to wood floors.

The wall paint color looks green but its exactly a greenish/ gray. The railings actually have a high gloss on them and the trim is ultra bright white.  Its come a long way from beige everything!