Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random stuff

Amazingly enough our huge parish had a lack of adorers for their 24 hour adoration/prayer chapel. Mike and I already have a weekly hour but since they were so desperate I signed up for another hour.... knowing that I would have to bring Keira with me. Today was the first day. I have to say she did great!!! We were in there for a whole hour and she was a model baby. She just walked around, talking to herself and swinging a rosary back and forth. There was another woman in there and K kept stealing her rosary and trying to talk to the lady who was ignoring her. About halfway through another woman came in with her 3 kids and after that K was even better . She was entertained watching the kids. It worked out beautifully.
This morning I woke up with ANOTHER clogged milk duct.... so weird, considering I never had an issues with clogged milk ducts until this week... and its not like Keira is weaning or anything!!!
Now we are off to the city library and Farmer's Market where I have 8 whole dollars to spend.....unless I hit up the ATM.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Breakfast on the floor

I'm not tired. Do I look tired????
Keira has been waking up at crazy early hours. Yesterday it was 5 am and today it was 5:15 am.
This is how we do meals these days.... I can't deal with all the food thrown off the highchair so she either sits on our laps and eats off our plates or I put her food on a plate on the floor. She can eat a few bites and play and come back and eat a few bites. It works. She still puts food on the floor but not as much. Its not as exciting as dropping it off the high chair I guess.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tubby Time

Keira is blowing bubbles in this last pic!

Monday, July 28, 2008

On a happier note....

My breakfast this morning was delicious!!! Plain yogurt, Homemade granola, and fresh local blueberries. YUM
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Just another Monday

Keira woke up 3 times last night ( guessing teething related issues) so I am tired and Mike is tired.
I woke up with a clogged milk duct... yes 14 months into breastfeeding with no issues and all of a sudden I wake up with a clogged duct. So I will be massaging and applying heat to my breast all day. My idea of a great day.
Keira is cranky and whining and driving me nuts and its only 7 30 am. Its going to be a fun day.
And those are my complaints for today.
End complaining. :O)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Keep the women happy

Mike knows how to keep Keira and I happy. Cape Cod Sweet Mesquite BBQ potato chips. Keira has a serious addiction. It all started in Maine. Matt and Alexis bought these chips and Keira fell in love with them. She would pull the bag off the shelve 20 times a day and bring it to me. Now we keep them on top of the fridge and she knows they are there. After her super supper of fresh steamed green beans, more green beans and more green beans and a few bites of grilled chicken Keira was treated to the BBQ chips.
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Blueberry picking.

We picked a little over 7 lbs of fresh blueberries this afternoon!!!! Mike is going to make a blueberry cake and we will probably make some muffins and the rest of them will go into the freezer for smoothies and later blueberry baking.

Strange child

Keira likes to put clothes on her arm like a purse and walk around..... It does it several times a day. Not sure wear she learned that or if she thinks she is putting them on??
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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Life with a toddler

Here are some fun facts for ya

1)Keira pooped in the tub last night for the first time ever!! Gross

2) I read at least 30 board books a day to her by no choice of my own.. Usually at least 29 of those stories are the same. Have you ever tried reading "My First Farm Book " 29 times in one hour???? Today she brought 2 stories to read while I was sitting on the throne. Nice.

3) Right now she just shut herself in the bathroom and is whining for me to let her out.

4) Nothing in our house is in its spot thanks to Keira. Kitchen things are under our bed, living room toys are in her room, toys are in the bathroom, books and dolls are just hanging out in the bathtub- they would be floating in the toilet I am sure if we hadn't mastered the art of leaving the lid down unless the toilet is actively being used. All kinds are things are randomly thrown into the kitchen trash so that now the kitchen trash has a new home on my counter top
5) I now vacuum up cheerios, rice crispies and dried fruit of all sorts at least 2 times a day.

6) Keira just got another tooth!! That brings her up to 7... only 13 left to go! :o)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sun at last!

All this rain is good for the flowers and veggies but not good for my mind! One more rainy day and and I thought I was going to lose my mind. I think its supposed to rain all weekend though. This is my Perennial garden in the backyard.

More backyard flowers.
The half eaten veggie garden.

Keira was excited to play outside again! We were out there playing at 730 this morning and again after her am nap.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just another rainy day

The rainy weather is starting to make us stir crazy. Its summer. We should be outside playing. We are on day 6 of straight rain. Its started to feel like the week in May 2006 that we got married and the city flooded, and the week in April 2007 that our basement flooded. Its been raining hard all day long. And its dark and windy. Yesterday Keira threw 750 Q tips on the floor. Today its crayons. I am not sure how many but its alot. I tried to show her how to draw pictures but she just wanted to empty all the crayons out of the container.

It stopped raining for 3 min and I quickly changed Keira into old play clothes and we went out to play in the puddles. It started raining about 5 sec after we got outside. Cute little baby footprints.
I love playing outside mom!
ahhh puddles. K's favorite thing to do lately.

More cute little footprints.
Keira always destroys my flowers. Either she pulls them with her hands on steps on them as she is doing here.
Begging for a cookie. She knows where I keep them and she walks over to that area of the kitchen points and whines. Its funny.
The yummy cookie. She ate like 10 of them...