Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Israel's growth...

This is our online baby book of sorts...
Birth- 7 lbs 9 oz
12 days - 8 lbs 3 oz
6 weeks- 10 lbs 5 oz
2 months- 11 lbs
4 months 13 lbs 9 oz
5 months 13 lbs 14 oz
5 months + 3 weeks- 14 lbs 11 oz


Not sure how yesterday's showing went. We haven't heard anything back from the Realtor but we have another showing today. Looks like that April 30th deadline for the first time home buyers tax return might be getting people moving.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

He looks so cute!!

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haircut 2

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Israel's first haircut 1

I'm slightly traumatized but I think Ill be okay. Keira's first haircut wasn't until 2 and 1/2 years old! We first went to JC Penny but after hearing it was going to be $18 for a haircut I went to Regis. I asked the girl at the desk if they cut kids hair and she said "Sure." I then asked how much it would cost for a 6 month old. The girl said " A how old???" I repeated 6 month old and she said "10 dollars I guess" I got the impression that she had never cut some one's hair who was so young. She did a great job though.
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We have some interest!

Someone finally decided to come take a look at our house! Almost a month on the market, and 1 price reduction later. Viewing tonight at 530!! Which gives us the perfect excuse to head to mall and get Israel's haircut. Stay tuned......

Monday, March 29, 2010


hmmm frozen deli meat and a plastic bag. What could be better.

Keira's reaction to be cut off from snacking after 2 bowls of yogurt, a bowl of cereal and milk, 2 bowls of dry cereal, and a handful of pumpkin seeds. Must be a growth spurt or something.
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Odds and ends

Well our open house Saturday was a bust. No one showed up. I told Mike that if we didn't clean much people would come but if it was immaculate no one would show. Guess I was right. Note to self..... don't clean so much next time. We did drop the price quite a bit so we will see. Problem is lots of people are selling similar houses for alot less, well below assessed value. Its all in God's hands. Maybe we are meant to stay in this house a bit longer.
Michael is already restless for house projects to work on and needs a clean slate of things to do. We both feel we shouldn't sink any more money into this place for now Mike is stuck helping friends with there projects or ( gasp) hanging out with me and the kids all weekend... :o) Not that he doesn't like hanging out with us he just likes to have something creative to do as well.
I am still mulling over preschool for Keira. I got to thinking about her June first birthday and if I send her to preschool at age 3 and 4... then she would go to school at age 5 or end up with 3 years of preschool which is excessive I think. I can't predict now if she will be ready for real school then so I might wait on preschool till age 4 in case I hold her back from Kindergarten till she is 6. But at the same time I feel she is ready for a bit of a "school" environment and might really enjoy the songs, stories and craft projects. It would give her something "special" to do all next winter. I think at this point I will wait and see if we end up moving and what the budget ends up being for next winter. At least I don't have to worry that she won't be potty trained in time.
I have decided Mullet boy defiantly needs a haircut- however how soon that haircut will happen is still undecided. :o )
I do need to head to the mall to get an outfit for a friend's wedding next week so if I can find someone to cut it while we are there we might do that.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Signs of spring

Buds galore!!! Our grass is turning green.. .just in time for our open house of which no one is going to show up. Don't you just love my optimism??
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Vote on mullet boy

Back view of mullet

front view of out of control hair
So.... cut it? Or leave it for now? He is almost 6 months. Hair has never been trimmed. He was basically born needing a haircut. I don't think he has lost any of the hair he was born with. I am torn. 1/2 of me wants to cut it and make him look more boyish and the other half wants to leave him in all of natural babyness. VOTE!
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy peanut free potty trained to you

Not only is Keira peanut free due to a peanut allergy. She also can't eat anything produced in a facility that produces peanuts or anything produced on equipment that also handles peanuts. This means that she can't eat alot of store bought baked goods. It has never bothered her until recently. She was very disappointed to not be able to eat some cake at a recent birthday party so I promised her we would a cake together for her that she could eat. She helped me make a chocolate chip that was delicious. She wanted to light candles and sing and since it wasn't any one's birthday we sang Happy Potty Trained to you!!! Why not? We needed to celebrate something with cake so we celebrated the fact that she is potty trained. Fun fun!
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Israel joins us at the table

Now that Israel can almost sit he is big enough to join us at the table. He loves sitting with us and chewing on toys or sipping on water. I'm going to hold off on the food for a bit as he just got over crying over gas pains so I am not crazy to mess up his gut just yet and of course he is still spitting up alot.

Saturday it was over 70 degrees and beautiful out. Yesterday I knew it wasn't as warm but I didn't realize it was as cold as it was. We went for a walk and Israel's hands were freezing so Mike stuck him in his jacket to keep him toasty.
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Keira random March 2010 pics

making cookies

playing "wedding" and pretending to be "Blessed Mary" at the same time.

Love love love 60 degree weather in March. So does Keira. She got to play outside all day today and spent most of the day barefoot. This dress- "striped dress" as Keira calls it is her favorite dress to wear besides her purple Dora princess dress. She asks to wear this dress every single day. She wears it so often that I will admit to taking awhile to wash it as sometimes I just need to see her in something different. It barely fits and I can't for the life of me figure out why she is so obsessed with it. Another favorite thing of hers is books. Yesterday when I told her it was time to play outside she grabbed a stack of books and sat down on the deck to play outside ( aka read books on the deck). She takes her books to the breakfast table, to the potty, to bed, outside, in the car, to church. They are always with us. Toddlers and their obsessions. Its so cute to watch.
I remember when I was younger I also would carry a stack of books around the house, as soon as I finished reading one book I picked up the next book in the pile.
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Israel's page

Nope not tired. Definitely not tired.

Getting some sun on that white baby skin! I think its the first time his skin has been exposed to the sun.
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Picture less... and diaper less

Mike replaced my laptop with a new one and forgot to get me a photo card reader so no photo's until it comes in the mail. Ack!
Our highlight of the week is Keira is potty trained!!!! Yippee me! Only one baby in diapers. She is doing great and even wearing undies at night. I know their will be plenty of accidents in our future but it does feel somewhat freeing to know that she can use the potty. Alot less diapers to wash too. Now I don't have to worry about finding her shorts for the summer that will fit over her big cloth diaper butt.
Israel is busy practicing his new skill of rolling over and is getting close to be able to sit up by himself. I have been dairy free for him for months now but am doing a dairy trial with him. So far it has caused some increase in spit up but no colicky type behavior. We will see how if goes. He is watching us eat with a new intensity that's hilarious to watch. He opens his mouth every time I grab my water glass. He wants to try food but I am going to hold off for a few months at least since he has a sensitive belly and is still spitting up.
Almost 2 weeks on the market and still nada on the house. Mike and I are discouraged but continue to pray for God's will and direction... and hope that includes a more spacious place to live. We have about 40 properties in our MLS folder on save. Properties we have some interest in and would love to look at but we want to receive an offer before we do that.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

8 days

on the market and nada. Nothing! No interest. Blah! Not good for pessimistic ole me!

Happy 5 Months Little Monkey Boy

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