Sunday, September 30, 2012

Boston Aquarium

 First on the agenda. Ride the T!!!! Keira and Israel were so excited to "ride a train and go in a tunnel"
 Getting ready to leave on the orange line. He is excited and nervous. Its written all over his face.
 Keira is holding on tight!
 Outdoor seal tank in the rain

 The scuba diving staff were as exciting as the sea creatures
 Mary enjoying Boston and the aquarium although you can't tell by her face! :o)
 The water and walk ways around the aquarium are really cool. Too bad the weather was so damp and dreary and rainy
 mini penguins
 giant turtle
 Keira touching the sting ray in the touch tank

 Lots of lots of very cool jellyfish
 Nairi is scared of the jellyfish.
 Love the tall buildings of Boston

The aquarium was under construction so we were given free IMAX tickets. We watched a show about whales and dolphins  Although the movie was not that exciting it was fascinating to watch in 3D ( or least for me since I have never watched a movie in 3D before.) The kids looked adorable in their 3D glasses but the picture came out really dark.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

New light

 This is the light in our master bedroom. Its function but we purchased a ceiling fan on clearance that we wanted to replace it with. The AC on the second floor is less than par and its always hot upstairs. I don't like using a regular fan because they are so noisy and I'm afraid I won't hear the kids when they need us in the middle of the night.

 So we put in this new fan with light. Its quiet and ceiling fans really do help cool you down when you are sleeping.  So minor projects this weekend but nevertheless things we have been meaning to do for MONTHS.

Good riddance to the rest of the almond toilets

 We had 2 almond toilets left in the house. Prone to clogging and perpetually smelling disgusting ( strong pee smell). When we moved in the house was empty for over a year and apparently water sat in the toilet bowl. Or maybe the people just never cleaned the toilets ( doubtful because the rest of the house was clean). Anyways I tried EVERYTHING to clean them including bleach ( many times). They were hopelessly stained and disgusting. I would clean them and within 4 days that gross pink ring and lines would be in the toilet bowl again. And the smell never left. So this weekend Mike replaced both ugly smelly almond toilets with beautiful ( if you can call a toilet that) new, supposed to never clog, white toilets. Pee smell is GONE!!!!!!
New, clean and not stinky toilet!!!!!!!!!!

Apple Picking 2012

 With Mary ( Our foreign exchange student)
 Nairi's first tractor ride and taste of a fresh ( and warm!) apple cider donut!
 Israel found a mower at the apple orchard and felt the need to mow of course.
 Licking the sugar from his donut. Yes they are that good!
 Admiring the John Deere
 More mowing
 Keira's favorite person in the world. Her cousin Kateri.
Family picture attempt.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Now what do I do?

I bought the kid exactly 1 short sleeve polo school shirt. I should have known better then to let her get hot lunch when it was spaghetti day.  The kid still eats with her fingers 100 % of the time. She is hopelessly messy in all things. I never buy white for my kids and 90% of their clothes are hand me downs so I don't really worry about stains normally. But I have to get this thing clean and white. So color safe bleach or oxy clean? Anyone???? I soaked it all night and it did nothing.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

12 weeks with #4

As you can I tell REALLY need to clean the bathroom mirror. :o) Here is the beginnings of the belly. I have my first visit with the midwife next week and I'll be 13 weeks. Still can't believe we are doing this for the 4th time. We certainly are nuts. Still plagued by first trimester nastiness. Hope that lessens soon. I would really like to be able to sleep, wake up and not puke,  eat a meal without nausea, or have some energy. Holding out for the gender reveal in 6 weeks so we can start working on a name and washing clothes etc.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Keeping them busy

When Mama isn't feeling so good anything that keeps the troops busy and out of my hair works.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Happy 17 months Nairi!

We know without a doubt who will cause the most teenage drama in the house! Its definitely going to be you. You know exactly what you want and you have no problem making it known. Loudly! You mimic everything Keira and Israel do. If they are coloring you must color too. If they are eating Popsicles you must have one. And on and on and on.  But kudos to you, you let me wean you without much of a fuss. My earliest  weaned baby yet. I wonder what you will think of being a big sister.