Saturday, January 30, 2010


When Keira is not unintentionally beating up her brother she likes to read to him.
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Bathroom Pics.

Pics of the "suite" bathroom.
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More Pics.

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Mike and Anthony completed everything that needs to be done before the drywallers can do their thing. Finally progress!!
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

yummy fingers

Israel has definitely started teething. He always has his fingers, hands or thumb in his mouth. He is drooling as well. With a little help from me he has finally started getting into somewhat of a sleeping/ napping routine. He goes to bed at night around 6-7ish and we never know how long he will sleep. Sometimes he is up every 2 hours, sometimes every 3 and sometime he will sleep a 5-6 hour stretch. For naps he will either take a 1-2 hour nap in the am or 2 20 min naps ( what happens most often). In the afternoon he will sleep for 2 hours ( while Keira naps) as long as I hold him in my lap. He is very happy and smiley during the day now as long as I am around. :o) At night can still get pretty gassy and will wake up and fuss/ cry for a while. Thankfully this happens less often than it used to though. In 2 weeks he will be 4 months old! He likes things just so though so the title Mr. High Maintenance still fits him just right.
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Monday, January 25, 2010


Outside my window....rain rain rain and more rain. But at least its not snow and it was warm today! High 40's in January is always welcome. I was hoping that the rain would let up so I could take Keira out for a puddle walk but that didn't happen.
I am thinking… that I am so thankful that we made it home safely last night. We had a bit of an icy adventure. We went to my brother's house way up in Ghettoville to celebrate my dad's 69th birthday. As we were leaving it started misting but the temp was right around that freezing point so we didn't think to much of it. Mike pulled out of my brother's driveway and slamed on the brakes to see how slippery it was and we went ice skating in the minivan if you know what I mean! Yikes. We got on a more main road and it was sanded and salted and we breathed a sigh of relief. Mike is a fabulous driver no matter what the conditions... rain, snow, sleet, ice, Boston traffic etc so I knew we were in good hands. After about 20 min of back roads we hit the highway and were happy to see that it is also sanded and salted and although a bit slick not to bad. After a few miles on the highway we saw brake lights ahead and a huge backup ( 3 car pile up). Luckily we were also right at a exit so we get off the highway not wanting to be stuck in traffic ( Israel was still screaming at this point and if we had any chance of him falling asleep in the car we have to be moving!). We saw signs for 114 so we figured we will just take that. Fast forward a few more miles on 114 and it started to get super icy.. An unexpected stop sign appeared and we skided around a corner and realized we were no longer on 114 and were basically lost. We pulled into a driveway that was all lit up and I went to ask a very nice guy for directions. We ended up on a dirt road ( which was fantastic as it was nice and bumpy), and made both kids fall asleep, and had plenty of traction unlike the paved roads. We were able to take this to a point where we could get back on the highway and it was no longer icy but simply rainy. During all this I was on and off the phone with my brother who said that my other 2 brothers and dad were fine but had slid off the road. Needless to say it was a very scary ride home!!
I am thankful for … the little things. Poor Haitian people have so much suffering.
I am reading … a stack of cooking magazines looking for some new recipes ( dairy free for my little nursling's sensitive tummy)
I am hoping … that every one stays healthy through the rest of winter ( knock on wood)
On my mind … that Israel seems to have some separation anxiety and its cutting into my 30 min of gym time. I left a rested, recently fed Israel with daddy ( who knows his likes, dislikes, quirk's etc very well) and came home 30 min later to a tired daddy with a headache and a very unhappy baby. Hmmmmm
We’re learning … how to roll over ( Israel), how to avoid cabin fever ( Tanya), how to break a framing nailer ( Mike) and how to drive mama crazy with clothing craziness ( Keira)
Noticing that … Israel is teething and a wet drooly mess!! Keira has a Polly Pocket and Cinderella obsession currently.
Around the house … Israel's room is getting closer to the drywall stage!! ( see Mikes DIY blog for more info if you are interested)

One of my favorite things … Cute kids clothes. I'll admit it. Its one of my favorite parts of the day, picking the days outfits for the kids. Keira however has stolen this task from me. She no longer allows me to pick out her clothes. In fact for a child as easy going as she is she is really stubborn about her clothing choices. I don't think the child has worn a pair of pants in over a month. All she wears on rotation ( depending on what is clean) is 2 Cinderella night gowns and 5 dresses. But she often wears the dresses to bed and the nightgowns during the day. She has whole drawers full of cute jeans, sweaters, knit pants, pj's etc that she refuses to wear. I was really hoping that she would let me pick out her clothes for a few more years!!
A picture I am sharing … My monkeys!!
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Friday, January 22, 2010

Stare down!

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child labor

Only problem was she only wanted to wash that one pan! Over and over and over again. Seriously she washed that one pan for 20 min!
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The baby butt shot!!!

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Israel as himself!
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Note to self

If you tear apart packing peanuts they become very staticy ( is that a word?)!! We bought a new/used camera body on Ebay so hopefully this is the end of the dark and blurry pics as I couldn't seem to get the hang of the external flash.
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Blown in insulation

Can anyone find Mike in this picture??? :o)

Mike and Anthony went together bought enough bags of blown in insulation to get the machine as a free rental from Home Depot. It was a 2 man job that required walky-talky's apparently. Here is Anthony outside running the machine. Mike was up on the second floor controlling the hose that blows the insulation.He used it in the knee walls behind Keira and Israel's bedrooms. The machine came with 10 miles of hose ....
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a few more

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