Friday, November 30, 2007


Nope- she is not a thumb sucker.....
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Thursday, November 29, 2007


For some reason the pics weren't showing up for this post.. hopefully this works this time. Keira was very entertained by the Khols flyer this am.. until she started eating it- I took it away and she got a little bit angry. :O)
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Computer guts....and other random pics

Here is everyone's daily dose of Keira....
She is all bundled up and ready to go so Mama and Daddy can go to their NFP class.... :o)

One of the things I was really looking forward too this year (our first Christmas in our house) was putting up Christmas lights.. Yeah I know the picture is blurry but you get the idea. Maybe Sarah will chime in and tell me how to take a picture like this with her old camera that won't turn out blurry.

This evening while I made Spinach Feta Quiche for tomorrow's dinner Mike and Hippert disassembled Mike's computer to try to fix something in it. (I have no idea what is wrong with it except it won't turn on) Haven't you always wanted to see what the inside of a computer looks like????
I know, the excitement of today's post makes you all want to keep reading our blog right???
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just doing some electrical work...

Keira and daddy doing electrical work...

Mike creating a plug for the microwave.. it now works!!! :o)
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Wanna see my tongue??

Mike gets a kick out of how Keira sticks her tongue out when she is playing with this plastic bag that she shoes came in.
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Monday, November 26, 2007

More outside fun

Keira apparently thought the the crinkling of the leaves as you walk through them was hysterical. Every time we walked through the leaves she cracked up laughing. So Mike spent 10 min walking through and kicking leaves into the air and making Keira laugh. We were upset we didn't bring the video camera as it would have made a great youtube video. Keira was laughing so hard she had tears coming out of her eyes- it was great. :o)
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We built a pile of leaves and tossed Keira in the middle of it. Without fingers (her hands are in mittens) she managed to still eat the leaves.
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Fall walk...

Miracle of all miracles Keira and I convinced Mike to stop working for an hour and join us for a walk. We walked around Stark Park and the North End of Manchester admiring all the beautiful homes and yards on the North End.
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Sunday, November 25, 2007

3 trys for a microwave.

So since we have a limited amount of space in the kitchen we wanted to get an over the range microwave so that we can get rid of the microwave that we have that takes up lots of room. Lowes had this microwave on sale for $99. It is, of course, a cheap microwave- there is nothing fancy about it. We don't use the microwave on a regular basis. We use it mostly to melt butter when baking or to heat up leftovers therefor we decided cheap was the way to go. Mike bought the microwave at Lowes and brought it home. He opened the box to install it and we discovered that it was black. We pondered for a min trying to decide if we could somehow get away with a black microwave when every other appliance in the kitchen is white. We decided it simply wouldn't work and Mike made a special trip back to Lowe's to exchange it. He gets home with the thing and his brother Matt is here, so together they get the microwave up on the wall. As soon as all the manpower is done and the thing is on the wall we realize its damaged... BADLY. Its so dented that the door hangs crooked. So hence the third trip to Lowe's. The lady at the return department was like.. "Weren't you here already exchanging this thing??" Anyways thankfully this one is white and non dented- We checked while we were still at Lowe's just to be sure. Its a good thing Lowe's is literally just down the road as we spend an awful lot of time there and gas getting there. We had just pulled into our driveway last night with our perfect microwave when Mike says "Ooops... I forgot to get some more mud.... and I can't finish mudding the walls until I get more mud. " Well why didn't you think of that on one of our 3 trips to Lowe's today Genius????"""
Ohh and FYI.. yes it looks a little crooked and off center and it sticks out a bit- that will all get fixed when we get new cabinets but for now its going look like this.
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Saturday, November 24, 2007


Mike looked like he was having so much fun mudding that I gave it a try (Keira was taking a nap)
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Baby Massage

When Keira is fussy one thing that calms her down makes her laugh is baby massage. Here she is last night getting a massage from Mama.
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Friday, November 23, 2007


Mike and his dad spent this am putting up drywall. They are almost done!!!! And as you can imagine if you have ever dealt with drywall before-- everything in my house is covered with a fine layer of thin white drywall dust. Almost like it snowed in my house- or I forgot to dust for the past 2 years...
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