Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wall 2 demo

 This is the current wall that framed the coat closet. Its being removed to make way for the built in shelves and cubbies Mike is going to build.

 Wall gone.
Child labor takes care of the clean up. There will be lots of dry wall patching and wall paper removal and then its time for this project to take shape. I hope to have it completed by baby time which is  hopefully less than 8 weeks away!! But as long as the messy stuff is done before baby arrives ( think dry wall dust and saw dust) I will be content with that.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wall demo complete

 Remember the wall???
 Yeah its gone! Lots of hard work this weekend by my dedicated husband. That lovely metal vent pipe will be removed of course and the ceiling patched and the floor fixed and the lighting changed.

 This is what I have been working on. Copious amounts of wall paper removal. Its so tedious and annoying. I hate wall paper. So much wall paper. Not only was it in the hallway/ mud room/ entry way its also all over my kitchen!

 We did get the plumber in to the move the floor vent. You can see the cut out on the floor on the R where is was next to the wall that was removed and now its moved to the L. Now we just need him to come back and move the vent pipe.
They are ohhhh so helpful.   :o)

Monday, January 07, 2013

New Year New projects!!!!

This wall (with the mirror on it) is headed for DEMO!! ( notice cute sleeping preschooler on couch) This is side 1 on the wall. Looking at demo wall from tv room.
  Our project list is a mile long but of course we are severely limited by lack of funds. So we have to do things slowly. The great question is always what project to do next. We have mainly been focusing on the outside but now that it is winter and I am  almost 8 months pregnant and nesting like mad its time for an indoor project. One of the first things I told Mike I did not like about this house was that it felt boxy to me. There are walls everywhere. You can not hold a conversation from one room to the next. I like the open floor plan concept. So naturally its time to remove some walls! :o) This project has been held up by Christmas and by the plumber. We can't do anything until the plumber moves two heating vents that are currently "in the way". We have been waiting over a month to get on his schedule. It was supposed to be done last week but of course we are still waiting. But we are familiar with that game. We also did not want to create dry wall dust while all the Christmas decorations were up. We took them all down yesterday so now its just a wait on the plumber. This picture was taken from the kitchen looking towards the mudroom and hallway to the garage. The white door in front of you leads to the garage. The wall on the L is the wall we are removing. So the mudroom will be open to the tv room/ Mike's room/ the family room with no toy clutter. Along with this wall removal will be a new floor and built in mud room storage and lots of our favorite --wall paper removal . Ladies and Gentlemen that's a vinyl "wood" floor. Yes indeed is it ugly.
 Ignore the piles of clothes waiting for the washer. Its laundry day. When is it not laundry day? Beyond the pile of whites is a gold thing. That's one of the heating /ac vents that has to be moved.
 To the R of the door to the garage is our "mudroom" which compared to what we had at our other house is heaven on earth. Its amazing the amount of jackets, boots, back packs, mittens, keys and gear that just needs to be kept by the door. Our family keeps growing and so does the junk by the door. ( this is only for one season too! All the summer shoes and gear is in the basement at the moment.)
One coat closet simply will not do ( we removed the door to this closet when we moved in). Mike is going to remove the closet and make this area all open with built in's galore. Similar to this
After that if we have any money left I want Mike to build me these built in's in our other family room ( to hide kid clutter )
That pic is from my brother's house.

And after that in June/ Julyish when Mary heads home we are going to do a remodel of Keira's room (remove wall paper, paint, remove carpet etc) and move Keira and Nairi in together and the baby out of our room and into what was Nairi's room.
Wish me luck as we head into the land of drywall dust!!!