Monday, August 31, 2015

Soccer game

Nairi on the far L and Israel on the far R ( both in red socks). Israel loved it and scored a goal. Nairi stood still as a statue with her fingers in mouth the entire time and DID. NOT. MOVE. A. MUSCLE.

Lumbar discectomy round 2

We just did this in Oct of last year but Mike just had to be the 5% that reherniate so here we go again with the same disc. He had surgery last Thurs ( the 27th).  He is doing well. Walking a mile a day and off meds.

Last day of freedom for Israel

When your 5 and you love machines the highlights of the week are Monday ( when the landscapers are in the neighborhood) and Thursday when the garbage trucks come. This has been the schedule the past 4 years we have lived in this neighborhood. Tomorrow begins full day Kindergarten for Israel and no longer will the lazy days of watching the neighborhood trucks be available to him. Tough life when you are 5. His only consolation is that I can video tape the weekly mowing for him

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Catholic Family Weekend

 Kids enjoyed another great weekend with friends in the woods. Catholic Family weekend was a huge hit again this year. I guess we were so busy having fun we didn't take any pics..... But besides good food and fellowship the kids enjoyed endless bike riding around the grounds, sleeping in a cabin and dining in the dining hall, swimming in the lake, a huge slip and slide, Mass of course and even their first real concert ( Lift was AMAZING!) We hope to go again next year.

coffee is VERY important at CFW
Our cabin at 6 am... waiting for breakfast which wasn't served till 8. They are used to eating at 630 am!

Samuels big boy bed

Part of becoming a big brother is getting booted from your crib. :) Samuel is a great sleeper and shares a room with Israel so we were hopeful this transition would go well. His little sister isn't arriving for another  4 1/2 months but he is getting to heavy for me to hoist over the crib rail and Mike's back surgery is next week so he won't be able to lift him for 6 weeks so now was the time to do it. Its gone well so far. He doesn't try to get up but just goes to sleep. Even at naptime.

Soccer begins

The Vigneau Family tries soccer..... They are so excited for their first practice tonight ( same team)! We will see how it goes. Not sure how Miss Drama will handle it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Living room make over into new dining room

Because we needed a larger dining room we decided to switch the living room and dining room around. We have a huge dining room table that can seat 10 but the room was not big enough for us to open the table anymore. Besides the carpet in this room was disgusting.  You can't tell from the picture but it was full of stains and over 20 years old.  Mike is always happy to comply with my nesting needs so this project was easy to start. Kudos to Mike to getting it all done pretty quickly and all with a herniated disc.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to replace the light to something more "dining roomish" but other than that its DONE!!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Baby 5 Gender Reveal Video / Party

For baby 5 some friends invited us in on their gender reveal party. We have never done this before. I can't keep secrets but since my ultrasound was only the day before the planned party we agreed to the fun. So glad we did. It was alot of fun. 
 The pink layer. We cooked a pink cake first then put chunks of pink inside the cupcakes so that once baked it would be impossible to tell the color inside until bitten into

 The finished product
 Everyone made their educated guess
 Rouillard baby pinata
 Lots of kids

 Its a girl confetti
 Getting ready to find out what baby Vigneau is
 Live action!!! Watch Samuel in this video. He is hilarious.
19 weeks almost 1/2 way there
blurry baby girl in 3d
Thankful everything looks healthy!

Sunday, August 02, 2015

A few snapshots of summer 2015

Mike or I usually cut the boys hair but I had a coupon and I am lazy  pregnant so  we took him to Great Clips. I think he looks so old here.
 Summer is very very tiring when you are an active 5 year old

 bedtime stories courtesy of big sis
When bookworms go shopping

Cape Cod 2015

 I love this place. I really really love this place. Not only is the ocean water a balmy 75-78 degrees (which is really really warm for this far north) the street we stay on is just gorgeous. All Cap Cod style homes with immaculate lawns and gorgeous flowers.  The first few days of our week here the weather was cool and cloudy and the last 3 days it was hot and sunny and perfect for the beach. We brought along my 12 year old niece this year to help with the kids since Mike has re herniated his disc in his back and I am pregnant and exhausted. She was a major help. I wish I had a 12 year old!!! Anyways the Cape was a beautiful as always and the older kids loved  it. Nairi and Samuel were afraid of the sand and seaweed at first but they loved it by the end of the week.
 Our favorite park in Harwich
 Full moon at the beach at sunset

 Lots of time spent feeding the natives....
 Israel was the only soul at the beach this cloudy morning

 17 weeks
 More feeding of the natives

 Fishing trip aboard the Capt'n Kid

 Keira's catch

 Spider crabs

 Love this yard we walked by on our way to the beach. I want a secret garden door in my yard!! :)
 Grandpa and Uncle Greg
 Kateri and Israel battle the waves

" I don't like that yucky sand!!!" He told me... He meant the seaweed. He was so grossed out by seaweed.