Monday, August 18, 2014

Catholic Family Weekend

Due to our friends cajoling,
we finally decided to give Catholic Family Weekend a try. We were not disappointed. Our kids had a great time and enjoyed the freedom of riding their bikes everywhere by themselves and with their friends and we enjoyed the fellowship and community of other young Catholic Families. Throw in some Sacraments, lots of activities, good weather, good food and friends and fun was had by all. I loved the no cooking for moms part and the outdoor Mass over looking the lake ( which I didn't get any pictures of unfortunately) .
Vigneau Biker gang

Nairi and her best friend Eliza

A weird camp visitor... who knew we had orange lizards in New Hampshire? I didn't!
The kids looking at the lizard
Coffee keeps you going no matter where you are!

sibling love
Samuel still has some breastmilk chub. Check out that neck and those cheeks. :)
Nairi pretends to be pious.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Frogs and growing things

 I do not have a green thumb so I do  get excited when things grow and bloom and thrive despite my short comings. July and August are filled with blooming things and growing things in our yard. The kids love to show me new blooms and pick things from our tiny garden that consists of basil, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. We also have 2 blueberry bushes. I am not impressed however when Samuel picks green tomatoes off the tomato plants.
 In the 3 years that we have lived here we have done alot of ripping out of overgrown bushes and planting of new trees, shrubs and flowers. We would love to plant a TON more but at least we can add a few things every year.
 Bluerry bushes. Slow going but every year we get more so eventually we will have enough to make a pie?
 Cherry tomatoes
 Black Eyed Susans
 Both bushes on the side of the steps are new. Mike spent several hours ripping out the old over grown bushes and the roots. So many roots.
 mini rose bush
 Japanese Maple

 We have alot of frogs in our yard and the kids love catching them and watching them for a few minutes and then letting them go. We find teeny tiny ones and big ones.


Lake Chaubunagungamaug AKA Webster Lake Webster, MA

 Mike's boss has an annual lake BBQ every year on Webster Lake. Webster Lake is also called Lake Chaubun..... see blog title its too long to type out! We haven't gone for a few years  as summer is a busy time and its about 2 hours from our house. The weather was simply gorgeous this year so we enjoyed a great day at the lake.  Kids loved jumping off the dock and watching the boats and ducks and jet ski's and water skiers etc. Mike and I joked that some day we will get a babysitter and go sans kids so we can go tubing and participate in the booze cruise. :)