Saturday, May 30, 2009

So big!

Someone who has had multiple children please explain to me why my belly has to be so enormous already at 20 weeks? I never had this much of a belly at 20 weeks with Keira! I already find bending over difficult....
We finalized the plan for the birth. I am gonna be adventurous and try to have the baby at home. We are going to rent a big heated birthing tub thingie and hope for another 3 hour ( or less) labor. Considering I am 20 weeks and still feeling like total crud I am going hope that I gotta get some luck in this whole pregnancy and labor business.. with Keira's pregnancy I felt that it was fair that I had a super fast and pretty easy labor since my pregnancy was pretty crappy.
And I am sad to say the little guy still has no name. We just can't come up with anything that we both like, that's not to popular, that goes with Vigneau, that's not to long, that's manly.. yada yada!
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Bedtime Battles

Keira had us all fooled with her good bedtime behavior. She was a perfect angle for the first 2 nights in her big girl bed.. and then she realized she has all his power and freedom at her fingertips why not use it a bit?
So now that she has figured out how to get in and out of bed- out is the only place she wants to be. She climbs out of bed as soon as we finish all the story reading. We close the door and the baby gate because we know that very soon she will figure out how to open the door. She then proceeds to stand by the door and whine, cry and talk for a long time. The past nights its been between an hour and an hour and a half.. standing by the door whining and talking and occasionally crying. She is always worse when I put her to bed so 90% of the time its Mike's job. Yesterday she refused to take a nap and stood up by the door doing the usual for an hour and 10 min until I gave up and brought her downstairs... she skipped a nap for like the second time in her life!
Oh well. Such is life with a toddler.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

hmm carbs!

I made this for dinner and it looks, smells and tastes yummy!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

These are for Mike

I am assuming by now you are all probably tired of looking at the pics of the new deck.. but Mike likes to have pics of every step of every project he does.. so these are the finished product pics for Mike!
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Growing up

So far the only thing attempted potty training has done is convince Keira that being naked 24-7 is the way to go. She tells me "No diaper No diaper!" all the time now... but just because she is running around naked does not mean that she will go sit on the potty if she has to go.

Since we are not purchasing a second crib we thought it might be nice to attempt to get Keira out of the crib around August/September. We purchased the mattress this weekend because I figured I will give her plenty of time to see the bed, play on it, get used to it ect. No rush as its only late May. Here is Mike in step one of built in bed set up.. apply non skid contact type lining to prevent the mattress from sliding around

Step 2 - Apply waterproof mattress pad, sheets and lots of extra pillows around bed as we made the bed a few inches bigger than the mattress so changing the sheets wouldn't be a huge pain. Problem is Keira is so small I was afraid she would fall down in the crevice and get stuck.. hence all the extra pillows in the side of the bed.
Step 3- read lots of stories on the new bed.
Step 4.. be really surprised when your toddler wants to sleep in the bed and actually falls asleep in it. So far she has been sleeping for 2 hours
Step 5- Wish you had a video monitor so see what is actually going on in that room! Open door to check on toddler and wish you had a video monitor again as the door squeaks
step 6-Make Mental note to WD40 the door tomorrow, tip toe in the room and struggle to keep from laughing out loud as you find your toddler passed out in her new bed with the bed light ( see pic above) on! Mike installed that light so when she is older she can read in bed. Anyone with a toddler knows how much they love switching the lights on and off!
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

So pretty!

Mike and crew have stained the deck and the railings are almost done!!! It looks amazing!!! All that is left is the lattice on the bottom to keep animals and small children from getting under the deck.
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And so the nesting continues.......

We bought this storage bench at Target last night to store shoes in and make the kitchen look a bit nicer.... at this rate Mike says the nesting is going to really get expensive!
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Thursday, May 21, 2009


What better thing is there to do when its 90 out then to spend HOURS in your kiddie pool and backyard ( always eating of course!)??
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Got It

I was constantly in search of my future BBQ. I visited Sears, Home Depot, Lowe's, and WalMart. And I checked Craigslist daily. Well, I finally found one on Craigslist. No small grill :) Definitely takes the new title "Man Grill". Needs some cleaning but should last a long time.

Here are the pictures. It is a Weber Summit S-670. Great deal for a great grill.

Getting bigger...

as in I am getting bigger. I had to take my wedding rings off already! They were getting a bit snug. I probably could have worn them another week or too but I wanted to be safe since they have already been cut once....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Growing things

My lettice is coming along great! The rest of the garden is in.

Green beans...

tomato plants

Cucumbers, sugar snap peas, and more lettice.
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Getting things done

Thankfully Keira goes to bed early so Mike and I are able to get alot of stuff done in the evenings that we wouldn't otherwise be able to do. Mike and Paul putting in the stairs for the deck this evening.

I got all my flower beds weeded and freshly mulched.

How sweet it is

Mother's Day, third anniversary, or maybe just a loving husband gift?? But this gift made my year. I think its probably the most expensive gift I have ever gotten and probably the most practical... ( don't laugh! We are pretty cheap around here! ) but nevertheless I love it and its just so cool! Some woman would probably be exceedingly angry at a gift like this... but not clean freak me. It works like a luxury car and its ever so smooth.
Those of you that know me on facebook might know that our current vacuuum broke. Mike was able to fix it but still bought me this beauty.

If only screaming would help.......

This morning I woke up and threw up-again. I'm 19 weeks pregnant... will this end before I deliver?????????????

Monday, May 18, 2009

Just so I don't forget...

Keira's almost 2 year stats are 32 inches (with sandals on) and 25 bs ( fully clothed with a diaper). Still tiny.
ohhh and my u/s last week gave me a due date of Oct 9th instead of Oct 14th! Which would be sweet if I had the baby earlier... I am ready now.. :o )

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just a few more pics and some great deals

I finally found a picnic table for Keira! I had been looking on craigslist for months. I got this one in great shape for $15! Yesterday I also went to just 2 garage sales.. I had to get back so Mike could start working on the deck and was able to get 2 garbage bags of baby boy clothes for $8 total.. all Carters, Baby Gap , and Gymboree stuff. Its was all 0-3 and 12 month size but still I was psyched. Now I can start washing and putting some clothes for yet unnamed little boy in the drawers. I told Mike he should be pretty impressed with his wife's ability to save him hundreds of dollars in kids clothes, toys and gear!

Me and my almost 19 week big belly!
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Cedar complete!

This is what the deck looked like when Mike started yesterday....

and finished.. ( the boards anyway, There is still the stairs, railings, staining etc)
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let the nesting begin!

This is Keira's playroom before I got the urge to organize. Now that we are going to double our toy stash over the next few years I figured we needed a few more shelves and we all know closets apparently don't exist in houses built in 1955. I saw something similar to this on my friend Carolyn's blog, so really the idea was hers and I just copied it!

So the plan of where to put the little guy is this.. he will be in our room in a bassinet then crib for a few months ( its gonna be tight but doable) and then he will move upstairs. I can't fathom putting a little boy in a purple room so I have told Mike its time to remodel the second bedroom on the second floor. Currently its our storage space and has no flooring ( we ripped our the shag carpet when we moved in and haven't replaced it yet), paneling on the walls and about 30 layers of wallpaper- okay maybe not 30 but at least 4. Plan is to do something similar to Keiras room maximizing the space under the eves with 2 built in bunks ( in case we have another boy in a few years although I like to think we are going to have more girls!) and built in dressers. Where the money to do this is going to come from is beyond me but now that I am back to cooking dinner 85% of the time I am hoping we can save some money there.
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