Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Avila 15 months

These pictures were taken exactly 1 year apart. Avila at 3 months and 15 months. She is our serious girl. We call her our little engineer. She studies people/toys/things. She  is very handy with her hands. Opening ziplocks bags and unscrewing caps of all types such as toothpaste caps and spice containers. She climbs everything. She is starting to talk and has a handful of works besides Mama and Dada... words like car, eat, ut-oh, baby.

Nairi turns 6

 Despite the freak April N'oreaster that dropped a foot of snow on us we were still able to host her all long awaited birthday  party. She wanted a tea party with a Trolls theme ( from the movie) so we did that with some Troll themed crafts. She wanted mac and cheese and chicken nuggets and fruit for lunch. Mikes mom designed and executed the crafts and Mike handled the cake. I did the fancy tea party table and decorations.

At 6 Nairi is a little sweetheart. She is so good with Avila and watches her for me most often so I can make dinner. She is thriving in Kindergarten and reading level 2 readers.  She is really enjoying her tumbling class this year and is so proud that she has mastered the cartwheel, handstand, and bridge. She still loves playing Polly Pocket and Legos and is Daddy's number one fan.