Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Ipad picture clean out

 The nap resisting stage
 roses picked by Nairi to my horror. " I picked them for you mama!" ahhhh Don't pick my flowers!!!
 Cousin Andrea comes to stay
 Miss sassy herself
 The Villain and the SuperHero
 My first selfie
There is nothing unusual about everyone mowing at the breakfast table right?

Messy Boy

 Just a few of Samuel's daily messes

 This one is courtesy of Israel
Some day I am going to miss picking up all these messes right??

Sister love and Nairi's first pedicure

 They love being pampered.

Swim lessons 2014

The "big" kids are finishing up a 2 week intensive of swim lessons. They love it and its been great for them. Its amazing how much progress they can make in 2 weeks of swim lessons.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Our First ever family beach trip to Cape Cod

Usually every summer we spend a week in Narragansett, RI. Renting a house 0.75 of a mile from Scarborough Beach. This year we switched it up and checked out Cape Cod. After countless hours of Internet research I was able to find this house that is 1/3 of a mile from the beach and comes with private beach access. It was in Harwich Port which is on the Nantucket Sound side of Cape Cod which meant warmer waters than the northern part of the Cape and waves unlike the bay side of the Cape. Let me tell you the Cape did not let us down. Our house was a typical smaller beach house but the street it is on was filled with gorgeous houses and the beach was right at the end of our dead end street. It was a private beach so it was never very crowded and we were close enough to the beach house that Keira and Israel could walk back by themselves if they needed to use the bathroom which was AWESOME.  Due to being so close we spent even more time at the beach then we normally do. We walked there in the am's because the kids always woke up way to early. We walked there in the evenings just to check it out... It was heavenly.  And being that we did not have a newborn this year and I was not pregnant and Samuel was old enough to play and have fun and not mind the wind at the beach=awesomeness. We have already booked our week for next year. The Cape may have horrendous traffic but oh my goodness is it beautiful and definitely worth the drive! I feel lucky to live within 3 hours of this gem of a place.

 That tiny bit of blue at the end of the road is the beach
 All the yards were immaculate and filled with Rose Bushes and Hydrangeas. Never seen so many blue Hydrangeas in my life. I'll admit I find the Cape Cod architecture very appealing. Its so beachy!
 Its slightly past nap time for Samuel... can you tell?

 Beautiful, short walk to the beach.

 No one else is on the beach at 8 am...

 We had 3 cloudy days but only one with torrential downpours.
Check out these Lavender bushes!

Cape Cod Potato Chips

Who doesn't like Cape Cod Potato Chips? It was interesting to see how they are made although I will admit the tour was a tad bit too short and literally takes about 5 min.

I need me one of these gorgeous Cape Cod beach houses...

Earle Beach, Harwich, MA

Date Night at Red River Beach

Having my dad with us this week meant we could put kids to bed and sneak out to enjoy the beach without any requests for snacks or swimming or bathroom trips.