Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Yeah I know she doesn't look very happy. Thats what growing molars does to you.
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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fridge play

Keira has a bit of a runny nose and was very grumpy and clingy all day long.. the only thing that got her excited at all... was playing in the fridge. I let her do it several times today...

Purple it is!!!

Its really hard to tell from these pics because I couldn't get the light right... the middle ceiling strip is white... everything else is a light purple.. Its darker than it looks in these pics.. but not too dark. Overall its a pretty color and I am excited about the way it turned out. The lights are also installed. A few big projects remain before Keira can move into the room... 1) the bamboo floor, 2) the built in bookshelf, molding, and Keira's secret cave.....

The opening right after the closet is the entrance to the cave... its a space that goes under the back eves quite a bit. There is going to be lighting in there and toys and books.. it will be her own secret space. I think she is going to love it as its just the right height for her. It will have a door as well.

In other news... I am very sad to report that Keira no longer has earrings. :o( Her ears were looking infected so I took the earrings out for a few days and one of them closed up!!!! I didn't think it would close up that fast since her ears have been pierced since she was 3 months old!!!! I am sure we can get them re pierced but I am just annoyed it even closed up.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

another rainy day

It was dark, cold and rainy all day long. Keira spent the day whining, being a cling on, climbing, coloring and attacking Memere for more apple slices....
The darkness and being inside is already getting to me!!!!! At least in the summer when its raining its not super dark and its warm so I can still take Keira outside to run around.

Monday, October 27, 2008

So so so annoying

Someone stole my cell phone!!! While I was at church no less!!! Yes the car was unlocked.... The locking system is broken due to the crappy electrical system in VW. Arghhh. We don't have a home phone.. so its my only phone.

Allergy Update

So today was Keira's long awaiting allergy appointment in Boston that I made back in late July. Like I mentioned before she appears to have outgrown the food intolerances/hypersensitivities while we waited for the appointment.
I loved the Doctor ( thanks Julie!!!) She was very thorough, very nice, and didn't rush me.
She agreed with me that her issues with food seem to be over for the most part. She seemed to think the constant rash around her mouth was due to the fact that she has sensitive skin and that she obviously smears food all over her face while she eats. Hopefully that will go away as she gets neater at eating.
In regards to the asthma- she was diagnosed as a Transient Wheezer- someone who has moderate asthma type symptoms and wheezing. She said we won't really know if she has asthma or not until Keira is around 6 years old or so but in the meantime we will watch her symptoms, add an inhaler steroid IF needed through the winter ( she already has inhaled Albuterol or when she needs it) , and follow up in 3 months.
In regards to the seasonal allergies she said that Zyertec is fine to take and that we can skin prick test her for molds, pollens, dust and dander whenever we want too. We will probably do this at her next appointment or in the Spring. Overall we were very pleased with the results.
My goal now is to try to get Keira to drink at least 1 cup of soy milk a day so that I can slowly(over the next 6 months or so) wean her off of breast milk. She is hit or miss.. some days she will drink it and some days she won't.
Due to her past issues with dairy and due to the fact that Mike and I are both lactose intolerant and due to the fact that too much dairy ( while it doesn't give her a diaper rash anymore) makes her very constipated we are staying away from cows milk.

On the way home from Boston we stopped at Trader Joe's and stocked up on healthy snacks. :o) the best part? These delicious raspberries we bought there on sale. SOOOOO good!!!

The easiest way to get 2 toddlers to sit still.... cheerios!!!!

We babysat Sarah for about an hour this morning.... I kept the girls amused with cheerios and kitchen utensils.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Party

This afternoon with went to a Halloween party with all of Keira's little friends and their parents. It was lots of fun!!!

Trick or Treat !!

As usual- all my pics are out of order.... here is Keira post candy bar consumption.

hmmmmmm " I can eat the whole thing in one bite"


Our beautiful baby sugar maple that we planted the summer Keira was born.

Gearing up to go Trick or Treating!


No matter where we put the bowl of candy Keira seemed to find it.. she would grab a candy bar and bring it to Mike or I and say "More, More"

Keira was not a fan of this costume.. As soon as I put it on she starting pulling on it and saying " No No" I think she thought it was Pj's and that she had to go to bed since it zips up the front.

More Candy!!
In case you are wondering why we went trick or treating already... our city is strange and has trick or treating the Sunday before Halloween in the afternoon.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Here ya go Alli

Today's cute outfit of choice.....

Keira eating her brown rice treat from Alli at 745 this morning.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

And just one more....

Okay.. this video quality is pretty poor, And idiot me turned the camera... duh.
But this video is hilarious. Keira was so excited to be STANDING on her toybox that she talks really fast and is really funny.

Jumpa Jumpa Jumpa

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Cold, rainy, dreary day number 2 this week.... Mike and I made pumpkin bars- here they are hot out of the oven before we frosted them with cream cheese frosting.
Mike making himself a mixed drink.

Keira in her sleep sack all ready to go "night night" at 6 30 pm.

The rain stopped this afternoon so despite some wind we headed outside for a bit. Keira spent the whole 1/2 hour we were out there gesturing to me to take her hat and gloves off. After about 25 min of this she managed to take her gloves off herself. She was happy as a clam for about 2 min and then she wanted to go inside.. obviously she was cold because she NEVER wants to go inside.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So you want to vote for Obama???Infant Born Alive Truth Video

Keira sushing and comforting her "baby"

Keira and Sarah hugging

Keira reading the paper


Keira in her new closet!

The drywall is all done in Keira's new room to be. Mike primed the walls last night so its all ready to be painted... guess I better decide on a color soon.

Sunday, October 19, 2008