Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sunday, August 18, 2013

August in pictures

 Summer is almost over!! Some one is ready for first grade! School supplies and uniforms have been shopped for and peaches are ripe which means its apple cider doughnut time!!!

 He is almost 5 months and he MUST MOUTH EVERYTHING. He is drooling like mad so there must be some teeth in the near future.

 He spits up a ton, just like Keira and Israel.

 Now that the girls share a room Israel declared that he didn't want to sleep alone. So for the first time ever we have the baby sharing a room ( with an older sibling) and so far so good. Which means Samuel no longer sleeps with us which is bittersweet. :o)

 Her evil face. She was mad because she got in trouble for dipping her cookie in her water and then telling me it was gross.
This is how we get ready for the pool. And side note the kid is obsessed with band-aids.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Behold the beauty of the hallway :o)

Remember this?

 Well its now this............

Michael Gabriel Vigneau you do beautiful work!!!!!!! The easiest way to please me is to put in some hardwood floors and Mike knows it!

Sunday, August 04, 2013

No more training wheels for anybody

We took the training wheels off of 6 year old Keira's bike,  and 3 year old Israel's bike.  Israel whose previous bike was a balance bike caught on in about 3 min. Keira is getting better every day but gets frustrated easily. Two year old Nairi now gets to learn on the balance bike. Balance bikes are AMAZING. From now on all our kids will learn to ride a bike on a balance bike!

Summer homework

We have been keeping her busy with reading and writing letters to her friend all summer. If she does 40 journal entries over the summer she gets a ticket to a back to school ice cream party at her school. She is not happy about all the writing but being left out of a ice cream party is just too much to bear so she is plugging away at it. She has 20 entries so far. She just finished the Barnes and Nobles summer reading program where if you read 8 books you get to pick a free book.  She enjoyed that.

Food competition and friends

A while back in the winter we ( not sure who exactly is to credit with the actual food competition idea) thought up a good excuse to get together with friends and eat and socialize and have some fun when there is nothing else to do in the winter in New England. It started as a chili competition I believe. Make your best chili and best cookies and bring some other food to share.We got together with some of our other Catholic friends and their families and the kids played and we adults sampled each others food creations and voted. Winners received prizes and bragging rights. What was started as a one time thing has become a dinner club of sorts.Only instead of gourmet food and fancy dishware we have classic American food, paper plates, kids galore and lots of fun. We have done chili, meatballs, soup, kabobs, tacos, bread, cupcakes, cookies, apple desserts and probably a few more I am forgetting.
 Any get together involves kids and LOTS of them.

 And men drinking beer
 And there are always plenty of babies too

 Our last get together was kabobs  and cupcakes. This is Mike's creation which won first prize from the kid vote. Chocolate cupcakes with caramel inside and Oreo frosting.

 Lots of these competitions involve bacon in some way or another. Bacon wrapped kabobs here. Genius idea. They were so good!
Looking forward to the next competition!