Monday, June 30, 2008

gloves and strawberries

My dish washing gloves are the toy of choice tonight. As you can see she tried to eat them!!!

Our freshly picked strawberries all washed and ready to be frozen for future yogurt smoothies. The rest of the strawberries have been consumed my K, or eaten by Mike and I with yummy strawberry shortcake.
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My glow worm

K has been walking around carrying this thing all day!!! When you push the button it plays music. I showed her how to do it herself and she can do it but for some reason she thinks I need push the button. So she would take 2 steps and the music would stop so she would bring it back to me to push the button again, so I would and she would walk off again only to return as soon as the music stopped. It was funny. She is walking like crazy now. She has the cutest little waddle... she keeps her arms out for balance too.
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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Strawberry Picking

Today...we went strawberry picking. We would have gone yesterday with those people that got 16lbs of strawberries, but we were busy installing bamboo floors. Well, we picked 7 lbs of strawberries and probably ate 1lb while we were there. It was probably too hot out to pick them as the sun was beating down on us and felt like 90 degrees and humid. It seems to have aged our strawberries faster than we anticipated, so we will just have to eat more of them in a shorter time frame.
We took turns watching Keira while the other person picked. At first, she literally just wanted to roll around in the dirt and hay...something every kid does, so it was fine by us. Then she realized that the red things were for eating and began a frantic search for anything red she could find, even the squished ones off of the ground - they would be softer and easier to chew of course. If Tanya gave her one, she would drop it on the ground, wash it in dirt and then pop it in her mouth...stem, leaves and all. A minute later she would spit it back into her hand and proceed to walk around with it for awhile and then drop it on the dirt for some extra dipping sauce and pop it back into her mouth.
She even decided to try the green strawberries that were just beginning to sprout...something about them being baby strawberries and Keira being a baby/toddler maybe?
She also loves wagons...sitting in them, but mostly pushing, pulling or anything else she can think of...hence why she loved that toy from her uncle.
Oh yeah...being that I am such a great husband and Tanya always complains that I never bake a dessert with fruit in it and now we have an abundance of strawberries on hand, I decided to make Strawberry Shortcake for her. I made the biscuits from Bisquik. Cut up some strawberries for topping, mashed up some strawberries for sauce, added some water and cool whip and she was in heaven...


This is Keira after stealing Daddy's Pizza Crust.

This is Keira after taking a Pizza Crust out of the garbage. She is so hungry that she has to get her food from the garbage. Or maybe Tanya should stop throwing good food away ;)

This is Keira eating before she exploded in her diaper. So much so, that it required 2 people to contain the contamination.

Bamboo Floors be more environmentally friendly, my dad decided to have Bamboo installed in his house. Of course, Mike took advantage of the chance to get a new tool...hardwood flooring nailer...

Here are the before pictures...lovely old wall-to-wall carpeting.

And the after...wall-to-wall ( left for expansion of course)...bamboo...carbonized so that it is a little darker and more oak-like in color.

Friday, June 27, 2008

More pool fun

Thank goodness for kiddie pools!!! Seriously- its something new to do. K loves it!
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