Monday, March 31, 2008

Chewy Granola bars....

This is all my brother Mark's fault. He posted pics on his blog of his son making granola bars. The craving set in and since its still Monday, cold, snowing and cloudy and depressing we had to bake up some sugary goodness. They are in the oven as I write this making my house smell yummy. I would post the recipe but blogger is being annoying and won't let me cut and paste.....
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Day at the office

Its cloudy, cold, snowing and its Monday. Enough said. To escape our cabin fever Keira and I headed to Mike's work to have "lunch with dada"

Daddy has fun toys on his desk....

Mike's office

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Memere

In typical Vigneau fashion Mike's brother called us at 10:22 and told us they were meeting for brunch to celebrate his mother's birthday at 10:30. Luckily they chose a resturant right near our house. Behold the beauty of living in the city. We walked there.
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To our friends Natalie and Anthony!! Yesterday we went to their beautiful wedding. Our camera battery died about 5 min after the wedding started..... so basically we got 3 pictures. Note in this picture Natalie is with her dad not her new Hubbie.. just thought I clarify! :o)
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Saturday, March 29, 2008

200 dollars worth of beef

We picked up our beef today. Here is what 200 dollars worth of all natural beef looks like. There is still alot of room in our newly fixed freezer. Now we need to stock up on chicken, pork and bread.......
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Friday, March 28, 2008

Standing up!!!

When I went to get Keira out of her crib from her am nap she was standing up!!! She stands on pretty much everything but for some reason had never stood in her crib.

My chocolate chip Irish soda bread. Usually I make it with raisins but Mike hates raisins so I tried it with chocolate chips- Its really yummy. This is what happens when you are snowed in.. you bake sugary good stuff
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OOps... here is the pic of the vegan cookies that I never posted. They came out YUMMY. Mr. vegan himself approved.... :o)

Just as I was started to feel hopeful that maybe winter was almost over and just as my grass and flower gardens were started to appear from under the snow and just as we tasted 40 degree weather.... we get slamed with 4-6 inches of yuckiness. Mike is in denial and says he refuses to shovel till next year.... great.
In other news.... our less than 30 day old freezer died.... it wasn't keeping things frozen. Sears came and looked at it and we have a faulty thermosat. It was -35 in our freezer and I guess its supposed to be around 0 but it wasn't holding temps and things were defrosting too. Anyways the part just came in the mail and they are coming today to fix the freezer. Good thing because our 1/3 cow is ready to be picked up tomorrow!!!!!
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The best pics of all....

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Whats going on???

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Why mom do I have to wear this thing????

Can I take it off now??

When is it going to be MY birthday???
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Sarah turns 1!!!!

MIke with the birthday girl

Pre- cake hanging around
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