Friday, May 07, 2010

The story of Vitamin D

My brother and I have long been obsessed with Vitamin D. Living where we live in the Northeast where the sun isn't always out or even is rarely out in the winter its to be expected that Vit D levels would be a bit low here. I have always been a person that loves the sun. I don't need to be 90 degrees everyday but I do wish the sun would shine everyday. The sun makes me happy. I honestly do get crabby in the winter when its cloudy for days on end. I find it depressing. I have long suspected that I have a touch of SAD ( Seasonal Affective Disorder). A cure would be simple. Just move somewhere sunny ( but a certain individual whom I promised to spend the rest of my life with won't budge)... but that's a whole different story so back to the Vit d story :o) More and more research is coming out that suggests that people that live in the Northeast have higher cancer rates. More and more research is coming out that Vit D is the next miracle vitamin that helps with everything from disease prevention to calcium absorption. So naturally I would like my levels to be decent. Especially since for the past 4 years I have either been pregnant or nursing and sharing my calcium and Vit D with these adorable little nuggets with which we live. About 3 years ago after Keira was born I had my Vit D levels check for the first time and I was in the low 20's. Vit D levels should be at least 50 but closer to 80 is optimal. Not the greatest levels. I increased my supplementation of Vit D and re tested 6 weeks later and I was up to 38. Still low but better. I try to spend as much time in the sun as I can. Never really wearing sun screen unless we are outside all day. Vit D is not really in many foods and even though its added to some foods like milk its still not a decent amount. Even the FDA is behind in their Vit d research and still I believe recommends 400 IU a day for kids and 800 a day for adults.
Last March while pregnant with Israel my level was 17. Fast forward to a few weeks ago my level was < than 10. Yes ridiculously low. I have been taking for the past 6 months around 20,000 IU's 5 days a week and my level is still that low. Its barely May in NH and I already have tan lines so yes I spend time in the sun. Keira's level just taken a few days ago was 73!!!!! She gets about 4,000 IU's 3 days a week. The only major difference between me and Keira besides the fact that I am nursing and taking much larger doses than her is that she spends alot of time in the sun shirtless... or in just her undies.
So short of spending time outside in a Bikini of which I do not own whats a person to do? I now am taking 25,000 a day from 3 different Vit D supplements. Maybe someone can talk my husband into moving to CA for the sake of my health???? :o)

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