Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oktoberfest Allegro Style / Bouncy House fear conquered!

One of Mikes co workers had an "Oktoberfest" at his house today. Lots of yummy warm food, good fun and of course a bouncy house. Keira has long been afraid of bouncy houses. Several of our friends have them and they are usually up at BBQ's and birthday parties. She normally doesn't even like to look at them. Recently one of our neighbors rented a huge castle bouncy house for a birthday party. Keira spent a good amount of time staring out the window at the bouncy house ( from our safe distance across the street) and she declared that she wanted to go in that bouncy house because it was a castle one. We don't actually know these neighbors so she didn't get to go in it. Fast forward to today she finally worked up the courage to go in the bouncy house. She was bouncing away having a grand ole time... Mike and went in the house for a min to warm up and a fuse blew ( too many crock pots and heaters plugged into the same circuit I guess...) well the bouncy house started to deflate of course and scared Keira half to death. Luckily One of Mikes co workers was in there and got K out right away. Thanks Kelly!! She then declared that she was never going in a bouncy house again..... an hour or too later though Mike convinced her to go in with him. Yay! Bounce house victory!
ohhh and sorry about the blurry photo's.. I didn't realize the auto focus on the camera was turned off. Oops.

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