Monday, February 07, 2011

Making Valentine's Day cards

Keira needs to bring in Valentines for all her classmates for a party next week. Instead of buying them I bought all kinds of craft supplies and let Keira be artsy to her hearts content. She loves art projects right now so she had a blast. We bought paper, ribbon, lace tissue paper, stickers, glue. She cut and pasted and glued for HOURS. Mike and I helped her make valentines for her classmates and teachers and then she spent another several hours making them for every one she knows. It was the best $20 I ever spent. Its kept her so busy this week. We might make cards for St Patty's day and Easter etc etc.. :o) Mike also took her to one of those free art things at Michaels on Sunday. It was decorate a valentine box. I figured being a craft store they would have paint, stickers, ribbons - all kinds of cool stuff that the kids could do to decorate the box ( that you purchase). All they had was paper, glue, and markers.... weird. Keira still enjoyed it though.
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Anonymous said...

As long as she had fun that is all that matters.

They have a better selection at the Michaels in Concord. K