Saturday, July 09, 2011

Backyard stuff

I never thought my yard would look like one of "those" yards. The ones where there are a gazillon toys strewn about. The yard where is looks like the owners never give it any tender loving care. Were the grass is kinda brown and deadish and the grass by the fence is a bit too long. Ahh such is life I guess. The kids have a blast out here. Its kinda like our summer time family room.

This is what happens to your beloved Hosta that you transplanted from the old house. A certain toddler likes to run over it with his "mowahhhhh"

And the other beloved Hosta. Good thing they are hardy. I think they will survive the toddler abuse.

The shirtless landscaping dude getting ready to mow the lawn for the millionth time today.

See the dirt all over the fence? Mike and I cut lots of tree branches and weeds and growing things way back after the fence was installed. So every time it rains the mud kicks back up on to the fence. Now that this area is all cleaned out we have plans to put a layer of gravel next to the fence and then some mulch and maybe a shrub or too and make it all look landscaped and pretty. We started with 1 yard of gravel. Need to get another yard or 2. We also have to put gravel next to the house. The former owners had grass and flower beds abutting the house and a carpenter ant problem. Definitely need to get rid of grass and dirt and things that ants like abutting the house. The gravel also helps with the bad drainage problem the house has. We added some new seamless gutters a few weeks ago so that should also help as well.

Dirty fence

spreading the gravel

This is how it looks where the lawn goes right up to the house currently

And this is what it will look like around the house when we are done with it.

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