Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Basic stuff

We aren't currently working on any more exciting projects. Mike wants to get his workshop unpacked and put together and before we can do that he wants to get the basement insulated. After many phone calls that weren't returned, we finally got a guy here today to give us an estimate on getting the basement and possibly the attic spray foamed. Mike has a bit of an obsession with insulation, in fact for a while last winter insulation was a banned topic in our house because Mike talked about it so much I couldn't stand to talk about it anymore! But here we are with a different house and again the topic of insulation comes up. So we are waiting to hear back on the amount of cash it would cost to get some spray foam done. If we can get that done that Mike can frame in his workshop and hang some dry wall. We aren't finishing the basement per say but we do want to close it off so the dust doesn't get all over the entire basement.
We are also contemplated getting our hot water tank/ water heater replaced to a tank less system. It needs to be replaced anyways. Its on borrowed time and if it goes its a plumbing emergency and will cost $$.
And we are still working on the front yard. There was/ is so much over grown plants, flowers, shrubs etc. We have removed, trimmed and cut back many many bushes and shrubs, spread lots of mulch. We planted a sugar maple tree in the front yard and the thing I am most excited about ( drum roll please) we had irrigation installed in the front. No more hoses and sprinklers everywhere and dead grass.
So even though we don't have any exciting pictures and stories about projects we are ALWAYS working on something. We kinda have a remodeling/redecorating addiction. :o)

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