Sunday, September 18, 2011

Apples and Pumpkins- Carter Hill 2011

The main attraction at Carter Hill for my kids- The play area

Israel managed to find a mower of course so he spent most of our time at the apple orchard mowing :o)

The baby needed a snack....

yum apples!!!

Picking Gala's

Nairi's isn't looking at the camera and Israel has a scowl face on. Typical family picture, and of course there where hundreds of people at the orchard today and suddenly we go to take a family pic and NO ONE is around. Oh well. The family minus me.

Happy girl!

tasting an apple

Love the views here between the rows and rows of trees

Gorgeous fall weather and a great day. The kids were also able to get their first tractor wagon ride which was a BIG hit!

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