Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Up close and personal with the baby Jesus ( who is in fact a stuffed sheep)...

Being a loving wife.....

The "Holy Family" Joseph, baby lamb Jesus, and Mary

Joseph feeding the baby Jesus. I insisted that Jesus was breastfed and they usually "nurse" their dolls but for some reason Keira insisted Jesus be fed a bottle!

Keira wanted to be "pregnant" This pic scares me and at the same time I find it hilarious. I have no idea why she is wearing a wedding dress!!!

Keira is really into the Christmas story this year. They talk about it alot at school and we have several Nativity sets the kids play with. Keira is always asking me silly things like "was Mary's veil blue or white?" "Did she brush her teeth?" and did she "eat salad?"

Yesterday things got really interesting when she wanted to play the Nativity. She made Israel be Joseph and I was the angel. She decided to make her favorite stuffed animal ( a sheep- kinda ironic huh?) as baby Jesus. She wanted baby Jesus in her tummy.

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