Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This year instead of giving up something we are going to try and do this
That ought to keep us from getting bored. I like the idea of giving up or doing extra and switching it up every day. No snacking one day, no Facebook another day, daily Mass with the kids one day.
We are going to put a purple candle in the middle of it and light it at dinner ( similar to Advent) and say a simple prayer like“Glory, love, and thanksgiving be to the Sacred Heart of Jesus! Amen.” My kids love fire so the whole lighting a candle and saying a simple prayer seems to stick with them. In Advent we said "Come Lord Jesus" 3 times before dinner prayers. Israel still says "Come Lord Jesus!" when he says mealtime prayers!
Keira is getting older so teaching the traditions of the faith is becoming more fun. There are tons of cool craft ideas online too and Keira loves crafts.

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