Thursday, November 01, 2012

Our big preschooler the landscaper

He is settling in to preschool nicely and enjoys his two mornings a week of painting and play dough and every other kind of preschool fun. His teacher told me today when he came in and sat on the rug he told his friend " Hey Brady!! I saw a landscaper last night.!"  Someday I will want to remember how he says last night for EVERYTHING. He was born last night, we went camping last night, his birthday was last night, we went to the beach last night. Its hilarious. Every time he says it Mike and I exchange looks and try not to laugh. He says it so seriously. He is also still so much in to mowers. He will be outside and mow with our neighbors landscapers for over an hour imitating their every move from perfect lines with his mower to turning the corner just like you would with a mower so as to not miss a spot. He holds his weed whacker just like the professionals do.  When we go for walks he points out to me which neighbors need to mow their lawns because their grass is " getting too long" or which neighbors " missed that spot right there!!" Now that its getting dark so early he "mows" with Nairi's doll stroller in the family room making perfectly straight lines with the stroller in the carpet. He gets upset if someone messes up his "lines" and will pretend to pull the starter on the stroller just like you would with a mower.  I can't see this kid with an office job. He is all worker bee. He likes tools and machines all the way.

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