Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Spring = outdoor projects

 There is blog neglect happening because of the crazy chaos that goes with a new baby and because of this. The re painting of the whole house. We are not  naive enough to think that Mike can tackle a project like this by himself. We hired our favorite painter but Mike is working with him on the weekends to decrease the overall cost of the project and save us some money. As with any project there is always a can of worms to be opened. We had a general idea of what this can was. Rotten wood and windows. We have alot of windows and no extra cash so the window replacing cannot happen at the moment but Mike has replaced any rotten trim or pieces of wooden siding that needed to be done.
 We are changing the whole color scheme so its going to look VERY different color wise when its finished.
And the kids are ecstatic that their Christmas present of a new trampoline with a cage safety net now resides in the backyard and not in a box in the garage.

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