Monday, November 25, 2013

Its been awhile project wise...

 So since last March when we put the mudroom together and the new flooring in the mudroom hallway has looked like this.  We planned on doing this floor in the kitchen but well last spring we frankly ran out of money. So we left it like this. No use wasting money on a transition piece since we knew just a few months later we would be ripping it up. So we are finally ready to finish this project. Last time we ordered the flooring from Home Depot it look over 3 months to come in. So we figured we would order it now and maybe do it after Christmas. No one wants their house a mess over Christmas!. Well this time the flooring took ust a few days so here we are with stacks of boxes of flooring all over the house. Its time to get it done. Good bye faux vinyl wood floor!!

 The other part that really excited me is there will be some more ripping up of 20 year old white carpet. Who puts white carpet by a door? Its NH. Two of our seasons are snow and mud, along with summer and fall. :o) So the plan is to put down the floor into the kitchen and extending down this front hallway all the way to the front door and at the bottom of the stairs.  The trickiest part is going to be getting someone here to unhook the gas stove since Mike doesn't want to touch the gas line and then coming back  the next day to hook it back up.

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