Wednesday, January 15, 2014

6 year old sweetness

 Hanging in Mike's car right next to his steering wheel is the cutest little note
 " for daddy I love you daddy you are the best daddy in the world. from Keira " it says.
 We have become those lazy people that drive their kid to the bus stop because well its January in New Hampshire and at 645 am its dark and COLD and well you never know if you will be waiting 0.02 seconds for the bus or 15 min so until it warms up we are driving. Our little artist started off scribbling on random pieces of paper she found in her backpack while waiting in the car for the bus. Mike was kind enough to get her a pad of paper and a special gel pen and she recently stashed a box of crayons in the glove box. And while we wait she writes the sweetest little notes.
 for Mom I love you
 for Mommy. Love you Mom! Merry Christmas mom you are the best mom in the world.
Be still my heart!!!! I'm going to miss this sweet little girl as she grows up.
 for Israel I love you from Keira
 for Mom I love you mom                       Like my blonde hair???? :)
for Nairi I love you. When I asked her where Samuel's note was she said he would just eat it because well paper is his favorite thing to eat and the kids know that well.
Makes me feel awful when she hands me the note and hops on the bus and I know the morning has been crazy and I may have yelled at her for the 18th time to just please"" HURRY  UP AND EAT YOUR BREAKFAST ALREADY!!!""

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