Monday, February 10, 2014

February in pictures

 Its February! One step closer to spring. We survived January. Yes I say survived because it always feels like survival skills are needed to get through January with its darkness and sickness and below zero-ness. We have spent way too much time at home lately and we are all starting to go stir crazy. Myself included. But I swear anytime we go anywhere someone gets sick. One of these winters I will convince my husband that there are greener pastures somewhere south of New England. ( And yes I am aware that I pretty much post this exact same going- stir -crazy- I- hate -winter- kind of post every Jan/ Feb)

 See his pretty new teeth?

 Gating the stairs. Its a baby right of passage. The boy can now climb the stairs. Thus the gate which my children ALWAYS remember to keep closed.
 He loves playing peek a boo in the curtains
 And climbing the dishwasher to find sharp objects
 Howling dogs in capes?? Not sure what they are doing.

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you have a beautiful family,you are so blessed