Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dear Samuel at 18 months old,

You are officially 1 1/2 years old. It seems like such a long time ago that you sat and crawled and acted like a baby. Now you run, you whine, you throw fits, you say sentences and you clearly have likes and dislikes.  You love your siblings and always want to know where  Israel ( you call him EEE-ooo) is when he is at school. " Where EE-ooo? You ask. " Where daddy? " You love to wrestle with Israel and play trucks and mowers with him. 

 Trucks are your favorite things. Truck toys, real trucks that you see from the window of the car or house and truck books. We check out every truck book from the library we can find and you sit and thumb through the pages over and over and over and then you bring it to me or daddy, throw it in our lap and say " Read it!! Read it!" You adore the old TV show called Mighty Machines that has episodes about different kinds of machines and trucks.  ( Israel loves this show too as they have a whole episode on just snow plows) Many times throughout the day you come to me in your cutest pleading voice and say " Mighty Machines? Mighty Machines?" If I say " Ok!" you say ""YAY" and immediately go sit in front of the tv. If I say no you say  "Why?" in your whiniest voice. Your big siblings taught you that. They also taught you to scream "TOO TIGHT!" every time we buckle you in your carseat.

 You also love these Duplo blocks and dump the basket out several times a day.

 You love to play outside and ask to  "Go out?" whenever anyone else goes out. When I am not looking you sneak over to my tomato plants and pick cherry tomatoes. You call them blueberries.

Your favorite foods are anything breakfast ( eggs, sausage, oatmeal) cheese, yogurt, strawberries, grapes, yogurt and pasta. But you mostly eat what we eat and aren't super picky. You still nurse 3 times a day ( morning, nap, and bedtime). Everyone adores you and you rank right up there with Keira as as our easiest/ most pleasant baby and toddler.

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