Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mike's back surgery and some random Fall pictures

 On Oct 10th Mike had a microdiscectomy. He has been dealing with sciatic pain for probably 5 years but last Jan the pain really got unbearable. He went to see multiple Dr's and tried lots of different things and had a few MRI's and all they noticed was it was getting worse and nothing was helping.  When the pain became so bad he couldn't sleep ( and he can ALWAYS sleep) we knew it was time to consider surgery. Thankfully its a relatively minor and quick procedure. 1 hour surgery time. Surgery at 9:30 am and he was home by 2:30 pm. Neither of us realized how stiff and sore he would be afterwards however and how much help he would really need getting up and moving around. The first few days were difficult for everyone. I am glad for my nursing background on how to move patients and manage pain and change dressings. Haven't had to deal with any of that in 8 years. His pain was hard to manage and getting up to use the bathroom or switch positions  was excruciating but now 5 days post op he is walking around the neighborhood and doing much much better. He will start PT after his 2 week post op appointment and hopefully be back at work in a few weeks.
 Switching gears here. Weather has been fabulous and Fall is in full swing. We are staying outside as much as possible before winter hits.

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