Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mike Update 5 weeks post surgery

Its been 5 weeks post surgery. Mike is still under the no lifting more than a gallon of milk, no bending and no twisting order but is feeling good! He started PT and is doing exercises to strengthen his core. He walks 1-3 miles every day either around our neighborhood or at the gym. I won't go so far as to say he enjoys it because he is still Mike and will never enjoy exercise but he admits it does feel good to be somewhat active. He still has some lingering pain now and then but it is minor and normal I guess as things heal inside.  Next week the Dr should clear him to go back to work ( he has been working from home part time) and to hopefully be able to lift again.  Once a patient reaches the 6 week point the chance the re- herniation goes way down as the disk is considered mostly healed. Its considered fully healed at 3 months.  Its been tough for him to not pick up the kids and do his normal things and tough for me as  I miss his help!
 I have realized how many things he does around the house ( not including all the help he gives with the kids) I take for granted though . I have had to do many things I have never done before like leaf blow, drive the tractor ( to pick up leaves), go to the gas station and fill up the gas container for the tractor ( yes I pump my own gas but I have never filled up the container thingie before) and last but not least decorate the house for Christmas! I know its early but it was 60 degrees the day we did it and we have since had snow and 30 degree temps so I am SO GLAD I was up on that ladder in 60 degree temps and not 30 degree temps.  You can behold my handwork below. Mike had to come outside and walk me through the process of hanging the lights on the gutters, those clippy things that cling to the gutter and hold the lights up are complicated! It doesn't look like much but it took several hours and lots of time on the ladder to get things this way. I even had to use a drill to secure the lights to the house.  ( Laugh it up but I am much better at dealing with kids and the kitchen than power tools and outside work!) You can behold my handiwork below. Of course the kids were all " Why didn't you put any lights on the top of the house?" 1) Mama is not climbing up that high 2) We were out of extension cords.
So anyways we are cautiously optimistic that the worse is over in terms of Mike's back and we can put all that behind us and look forward to Christmas.

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