Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Samuel at 22 months

Dear Sam-oh,
Nairi gave you the name Sam-oh and its kinda stuck. You officially act like a 2 year old even though you are not one yet. Some of your most common phrases are " I do it!" "Don't!"  "Stop it!"
You have taken to screaming when you don't get your way. But other times you are so very sweet. Like when you first come downstairs in the morning and you see Israel and you say " Hi Yule ( this is your nickname for Israel)!!!! Want to play fishie?" You adore Nairi and Israel and follow them around like a puppy. You call Nairi " Why-we" Its adorable and we laugh whenever you say it.  For some reason you just call Keira Keira. No nickname there. You love trucks, playing blocks ( Duplo's), coloring and books. You also loving going outside and splashing in puddles of slush/ snow and carrying snowballs around in your hands.  When you want to be picked up you come hold onto my pant leg, suck your thumb and say " Carry!!"
Breakfast remains your favorite meal of the day and yogurt and cereal bars and applesauce are your diet staples.
You are obsessed with daddy's phone and the Ipad and we have to hide them from you.
You are still the baby of the family and have remained the baby the longest of any of our kids. When Keira was 22 months I was pregnant with Israel, when Israel was 22 months Nairi was already here and 5 months old, and when Nairi was 22 months you were 1 month from being born!!! Crazy!

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